Crash during flight back to desktop

3 times during flight I get a crash and the game stops and get me to the desktop.
my system ; GPU GTX1080, cpu intel 6400K.

Any thoughts ?

Probably unrelated but how much RAM?
Also, have you updated your graphics driver?
Have you installed your game on a SSD or an optic HDD?

I am sure there are many things that can cause a crash to desktop. But I am reading reports of people disabling XMP memory profile. But if that does fix CTD, then I’d say that means it was an unstable memory overclock to begin with. Which is why when I build a system I stress out the system – including memory – to be sure it is stable. But so many people just put it together and boot windows and if it runs then it is good to go.

For me, I narrowed down the CTDs I was experiencing to bugs within the FMC of the Cessna 172 g1000 – specifically within the IFR procedures functionality. When using IFR approaches, there is a lot of unexpected behavior, and as you try to work around that behavior, by trying to manipulate the waypoints the approach laid out (incorrectly) it will crash the sim. I wrote it up, produced a video demonstrating, and created a zendesk ticket on this.

But I know there are CTD crash opportunities elsewhere – because I also experienced one flying the B747. But the CTD in the Cessna in the FMC is consistent – crashes every time.

And yes, I would agree that ensuring your windows and GPU drivers are up-to-date is a good idea.

Hi chroome9197,
I have 16 Gb ram,
Latest Nvidia GPU driver and installed on a HDD.
Lastest windows version.

Hi TCarlisle2012,

Till today I did not have a crash at all.
Suddenly 3 times on a row.

I have crashed before, but never in a flight, the few times I’ve crashed has been in a menu. Could you however check how many percentages of your HDD is used mid-flight? That could be the culprit.

There is something wrong and it may have nothing to do with your setup. In my case the Sim runs perfectly and never crashes BUT each time the Sim is on, even without flying, it creates a memory dump. Of course I send Zendesk a ticket. Because this is abnormal . I noticed that when checking the Win Event Viewer.

hello guys i got crash and turn back to desktop my last 3 flights. i fly EGPK-BIKF with king 350i and 3 times near of BIKF airport suddelny game crashed froze and after 3-4 sec later close suddenly and turn back to desktop.
please somebody helping us
1070 ti with 8 ram
16 gb ram
512 ssd
i7 2.20 hrz