Crash for no reason

my community folder, I don’t know is giving conflict in some addons, msfs crashes without starting

I5 4690
GTX 1050TI

I can’t give you a direct answer to what mod it is, but I usually do the following when finding an addon causing issues.

  • make sure the sim can start with zero addons
  • add back half the newest addons and test
  • if working ok, switch to the other older half
  • if first half fails, half that addon test again
  • repeat until you single out the bad addon

The most common failure modes I see are:

  • bad naming of materiallib folder
  • incomplete layout.json
  • bad naming of modellib.bgl
  • or some conflict the Addon Dev has to fix.

I hope this helps.

I think those are good tips. That’s how you troubleshoot this.

But seriously for the life of me, I do not understand why this isn’t tackled on the level of the sim-developers. It’s like they have zero checks in place to see if a mod is misbehaving. Really some basic fault checking would make life a lot easier. They must have found enough faulty mods to test with by now.

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In general I would suspect your airplane in the hangar though.

I’ve experimented with airplane mods, and if you deliberately make them trip the sim, it starts already when they’re showing in the background.

Oh I absolutely agree with you. But in the cases to date, it’s purely an incomplete, changing, and poorly documented SDK. Once the SDK is “done”, this will go away.

Hello everyone,

Recently Flight sim keeps crashing. There is no indication why it crashed, the game shows no message and it occurs randomly. Although I have noticed that before the crash happens, sound will start to stutter and the game freezes. When I check steam right after the crash, it will show that somehow the sim is still active and running?? I already removed every mod out of the community folder and I have lowered my settings, but sadly so far this had no result. Can anybody help me with this issue?