Crash in the Controls menu

Any time I open the Controls menu I get a crash to desktop. Been this way since December update. If I delete all my control saves it works ONCE then goes back to crashing on subsequent game sessions.

It seems to do this as it’s “populating” the various configurations, as I will see the Keyboard + Mouse settings for 3-5 seconds before it crashes out.

Disconnect all controllers except KB+M before starting the sim.

Stable at Controls Menu?

Plug in one controller, configure. Repeat until crash? That might help isolate if it’s a controller that’s Root Cause.

If it continues to occur, you could try deleting the actual file folders that contain the settings.

I may have sorted it in the process of sorting out an issue with IL-2. Apparently WIN-10 has an odd habit where it doesn’t keep the joysticks in the right order all the time when the game uses Directinput.

Using a fix called devreorder which links the ID for the individual devices to a fixed assignment. As in Joy0, Joy1 etc… It also allows me to exclude the stuff I have for DCS that goes beyond Joy7 which was the limit of the old Dinput8 from DX8/9/etc…

I guess MSFS was having a conniption with Joystick number assignments moving around with each windows update. Now they’re locked down for Dinput8 applications so. :crossed_fingers:

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