Crash Log

I’ve had two deskstop crashes this morning, both leaving WSSS and at 10,000FT.

Not sure if it’s the Orbx WSSS addon, FBW A32NX,the Sim itself or my machine?

Is there any type of log that can help me with this?

There’s several ways to do this. The easiest one is to type Reliability into the Windows Search Bar next to the Start Button. Look for the red Stop X errors that correspond to the time/date of your crashes. Click on them, and most likely they point to flightsimulator.exe. If you’re lucky, they point to something else as the faulting module. If they don’t, then the first step is to start removing mods. Especially the FBW one since Sim Update 3 hit and was effective as of the time of your post.

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