Crash on RW30 @ Oakland International (KOAK)

KOAK has been horribly neglected, probably because they want you using KSFO. The runway crash is still there, on landing or takeoff. Have to remember to avoid it when landing.

other problems while i’m at it:

  1. upon landing, you never get a gate. Tower will send you to generic parking and can’t even request a gate.
  2. take offs will only send you to runway 30, even if you’re on the GA side.
  3. GA landings will tell you to taxi over to the other side and park at the same generic parking
  4. Somehow runway 12 is default instead of runway 30 when doing Flight Sim flight planning.

Having grown up in Oakland, it will always be treated second best to San Francisco!

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Overall, yes. For the majority of trips, yes. But if i wanted to save time on domestic flights and not wait on the tarmac for 30m each flight, then Oakland is better. Even the concourses are designed to get you in and out quickly (no lounges or interesting eats :wink: )

Instead of the workaround to use taxiway W3 to enter KOAK runway 30, today I entered by taxiway W1 at the start of KOAK runway 30 after the SU8 installation and I was treated to a smooth runway without that giant invisible sinkhole. I was so pleased I did it twice.

Since the last time I had tried to enter at the start of KOAK runway 30, I have installed this very nice donation-supported addon and it is possible that the addon also fixed KOAK runway 30:
Water fix - Oakland+Alameda County, California, USA

However, maybe SU8 fixed KOAK runway 30 because the addon author does not show any work done at KOAK in this image:

Has anyone else tried KOAK runway 30 after SU8?


You’re right. It appears to be cleared of the invisible obstacle.

Oddly, taxiway W2 is in the dirt now. I’m not sure it was that way before, it if that is what it takes to get the obstacle removed, fine!

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Confirmed, RW 30 finally is fully usable.


This taxiway has been dirt since the initial release or at least when the Rwy 30 problem was first discovered. It is strange because Bing Maps has the taxiway as asphalt. MSFS uses other sources for mapping and the source may have been very out of date. Or… someone may have attempted to “fix” Runway 30 by changing the taxiway to dirt but never restored it to asphalt. We’ll never know. I’m just glad the runway is fixed!