Crash on switch to VR

Just bought and installed the game, read a bunch of threads and people are mostly talking about OpenXR and DX12, but neither are turned on for MSFS.

What else am I missing? I never even managed to launch the game, it crashes instantly in the main menu when I press “switch to VR”.

How do I make sure MSFS uses Oculus runtime or SteamVR instead of OpenXR, in case that’s an issue?

I’ve scoured through the forums and it seems at the end of the day my crash is one of those old crashes with 0xc0000005 SYSTEM32\ntdll.dll in the crash report.

Those were mostly shut down and closed as “resolved” by the devs and there are no up-to-date solutions or discussions.
But that’s the CTD I get EVERY TIME I switch to VR mode. How can I proceed?

MSI Afterburner was causing this. Have to keep it turned off.

You have to turn off every background process you can afford to turn off (sound services, VR/Performance related apps, unrelated apps) and launch MSFS only after that. VR started working after I killed enough things, and then it was a matter of turning on one program after another while relaunching MSFS until it no longer worked again. MSI Afterburner (and maybe Dragon Center) was the issue for me.