Crash to desk top

Hi guys. My sim was working well until two days ago. After 30-40 mins into a flight my lock camera spins like crazy before zooming in and out. I can never get control then the sim crashes.

They say reintall windows or reset it - I’m not doing that!! The other thing they say is to have your map closed or open from beginning. I guess I will give that a go…

I have the same problem. The camera starts behaving strange and then the sim crash to desktop. The problem started after installing the last upgrade/patch. Never had any major issues with crashes before this update, Lets hope there is a hotfix on the way. Cant fly in the sim without crashing at the moment. :sob:

Exactly the same thing. Didn’t happen until today but after crashing some 9 times, I just gave up. That was talking as a player. Now, as a long time programmer & developer, let me tell you this: DO NOT REINSTALL NOTHING! It’s not your PC or even game installation that’s bad. Just the last patch for MSFS 2020.

Microsoft… please roll it back. You cannot completely break the game WE PAID TO PLAY WITH every time you decide to make a couple of cities prettier.

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