Crash to desktop after 8h flight

I finish a flight of 8 hours with the B748i. Everything went fine.
After finish the flight i quit the simulator and gave a rest of 30 min on the computer to start a new flight.
Start pc and simulator.
After start MSFS 2020 i see the the images from last Japan when is loading .
I’m having crash to desktop here when is loading.
I’m only using aircraft mods. No other addons.
I can’t load the simulator now.

Any help?

Hi @Bellini1202,
See if deleting the Rolling Cache file “rollingcache.ccc” lets you in. If this file gets corrupt, it will cause a hang there.

If that does not work, try moving out the mods in Community to see if that will also let you back in.

Hi Hester

I never have mods on my Community folder.
I have them on an external folder outside MSFS 2020.
I deleted the file “rollingcache.ccc” and voilaaa.
Working again.
Any particulary reason for this to happen ?

Thank you so mutch for your help Hester
Stay well.

The problem I’ve seen with myself and others, is that file get’s corrupt. I chosen now to fly with it off.

You should report that to zendesk as it kind of defeats the purpose of having a cache if it can’t read it’s own writing. (but to be fair, sometimes I can’t read my own writing) :wink:

In my opinion, this is also an addictional cause to your problem.

Hi Mriyaton
In fact so far not a problem at all . I only use working Tittle Garmin 1000 and 3000 mods and CJ4 mod too and another one for King Air 350 i.
I use them since october and works perfectly.
Like Hester said was the “rollingcache.ccc” file.
I already report to Zendesk.
Thanks for the help .