Crash to Desktop Anyone?

Anyone else having this issue? It can be from the main menu, 5 minutes into flight, or 1.5 hours into flight. Everything running well, 45 FPS… looks great. And boom, it crashes. I don’t understand why this is so unstable. I have submitted a report to Zendesk. My pc is a Ryzen 5 3600, RX5700XT, 32GBs ram, good internet speed. Should be no issues!


Mine goes to a black screen, and then the computer eventually restarts. I feel like mine is a hardware issue, but it also only seems to happen in this game. And it’s not every time. So I’m not much help lol.

It´s a memory issue … i fixed it. There is a post in YouTube regarding the steps.

Same here on my end just started doing this a few days ago . It can be 5 minutes or 2 hours like you said also happens a lot on approach .

Every third flight is ending with a CTD …

Care to elaborate? Or, what should I search for in youtube?


I gave up on Airport to Airport flights because it was happening almost every approach I did with all different airports for departure and arrivals. Perfect APPR captured glideslope and localizer and given cleared to land and can see the runway and then that’s all she wrote getting within a couple miles.

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Had two succesive crashes in the menus today after installing the 2004 Win10 update last night.

But before and since then the sim is completely stable for me, not a single flight ruined.

Yep I’m about done with this until they get a fix for it . I mean a hotfix for it should be done ASAP ! I’m starting to wonder if this is also happening somewhere in the flight planning . If I go direct for instance to another destination it seems ok but haven’t tested much of that . Really frustrating.

Also had that happen a couple times now after almost 5 hours in to 6 hr flights very frustrating

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Only CTD was in a menu during flight set up. No issues in game but I do have a high end PC running it.

Thats right! before that I was fine… only recently happening. So odd, and frustrating.

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it happens sometimes, still don’t know why…

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Do any of you think we are downloading unannounced mini patches that are changing the programing?

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Yeah the first few days after launch I had zero issues than it started hearing about people getting the crashes and bam all of a sudden I started getting them little by little now it’s almost every single flight mainly on the big liners but this product needs to be optimized and fixed at least these crashes I invested a lot of money for this sim to work not to crash

Happening here as well - seems very random and not related to how hard I’m pushing the scenery. Crashed 3 times today completely out of the blue. Running 3900X and 2080Ti with 36G ram.

Happens here too, mainly, so it seems, when I fool around with the nearest pages on the G1000: that’s almost a guaranteed CTD.

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Sure! Try all this:

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Same here
i7 4771 RTX 2060 32 gb ram

Well! I am happy that at least I am not the only one… they gotta fix this.