Crash To Desktop : OPIS to OPRQ (FBW A32nx)

Are you using Developer Mode or made changes in it?


Brief description of the issue:

using FBW A320 IFR low altitude and following ATC, at 8 NM close to OPRQ, descending to 2500ft, FS2020 crashes.
I have performed the same flight 2 times, yesterday and this morning, with crashes at the same location.

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Crash third time minutes ago. Same location!

Screenshot taken few seconds before crash.

That seems not linked to my settings (hardware, OS, Plane and settings).
No problem with flight OPIS to VIDP just finished minutes ago.

please open windows event viewer and check the reported message.

In case you find somewhat with “grammar” , then it possible these topic:

in which users already reported issues near OPRQ

@BaptEtFred you hat time in meanwhile to check this ?

Sorry. What am I supposed to check ?


You can open the windows event viewer and search for the last Crash Report and check the message content.

There are just some other users which report in the linked other topic the “grammar” - issue near OPRQ.

If we are sure it is the same issue, we can let merge the topic and you can vote in the other topic so that developers get more aware of the issue.

just in case a quick link to the Windows event viewer howto: Simulator doesn't start anymore at all - #603 by MichaMMA