Crash to desktop steam version

After launching the sim, I get to the copy right screen, then it goes black, with a little circle in the bottom right and then right to the desktop. I have the steam version… No IDEA what to do. I have tried Re-installing, running as admin, updating every thing, restarting, re-installing on a different computer to re-accept the EULA (it launched fine), adding exceptions to windows defender, turning off windows defender, turning off my anti-virus completely. Steam is no help, since I’m over 2 hours (spent troubleshooting and downloading the game in the first place) I spent $130 on this game, and haven’t been able to play it since before the Japan update… BTW, I had the closed beta on the windows store, I tried to launch it after this BS started, IT WORKED FINE. I’ve also installed the version I get with the x-box game pass, and guess what, IT WORKS AS WELL… What am I doing wrong???

Is your community folder empty on this install? If other instances work, that could be an problem

Its empty, its a fresh install on the steam side.

On another post I read that clearing your steam download cache might help here. No harm in trying it out. Might need to reinstall again afterwards

How to clear your steam download cache

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Oh my god… 3 Months I’ve spent trying to fix this thing… You are the best! That actually worked. Thank you so much, you want a game? I’ll buy you one, under 30$ though xD Thank you!!!

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Haha no need. Happy to help you!

Happy flying!

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