Crash to desktop with a flight plan

Hi all
I’ve been getting a few ctd lately and worked out why. Well I think I have
I’ve never had a ctd before but I’m only getting it when I try to create a flight plan route inside the plane
I noticed it 1st in the king air 350. I would load s flight via the flight sim flight planner. All works well until I’ve landed and tried to set a new route via the on board gps. As soon as I set a destination game crashes. I can set depeture just not destination
I’m now flying Cessna longitude snd just like before the 1st flight is fine. As soon as I hit enter in gps for a flight plan I get cdt
Any ideas why?
It’s definitely that that is causing it as now I go back to main menu after each flight and load a flight plan that way and no ctd

Many thanks

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Hi, do you get the ctd when activating the flight plan or before you get that option?
I can enter destinations into the flight plan but get a ctd when I try to activate it (may only be when activating the approach I’m still learning and testing).

Do you OC your GPU? Mine always ctd when OC. In standard it never happens

I reported similar bug recently. In XCub, when trying to change flight plan after completing a flight, if you delete origin airport and try to enter another, instead of simply adding new to replace former, the game will CTD

I think it crashes when hitting load yes.
I can delete and add information but it on load it crashes
Maybe that’s right that if you delete the original origin and add new 1 it ctd.
I had the same problam in the bonanza also

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