Crash to desktop without error message

Honestly, all our rigs are working mostly quite well.
It is you with the issue. Nobody needs to prove anything to you!

As I see it you have been affected by the Simconnect CTD bug, which is known to be triggered by long flights(among others), and in the last couple days also by the Bing Data issues.
Both will cause CTD’s.
Both are very well known.
One resulted from some failure at Bing which hit without warning, the other was quite complex and a fix is coming with the next upgrade.


And just like that, I crashed. Literally just touched down at MDPC, and hadn’t even lowered my nose wheel, and it died. First crash of the weekend, and hopefully the last.

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Nobody has to do anything except breathe in any given day.

Anybody who says they have no CTD’s has to prove that they don’t, or what I said is true and correct and cannot be disputed. I say everybody has CTD’s or they are working around (compromising) the problem by lowering and turning off settings. So it remains up to the msfs team to fix the CTD’s, not for the end user to workaround the issue, unless you want CTD’s for 10 years and ever after…that is what will happen because the msfs team will see that working around the issue and making compromises only in their favor will be fine with them, just like releasing msfs at full price with less than 1/3 of it finished according to the hype.

If nobody can prove they never had/have CTD’s and establish the cause and fix for them all, topics like this will continue for months and months with placebo effects and false hopes.

You are trying to make this about me; this is about CTD’s and a topic with 2600+ responses from August 2020, with 754 votes, and yet the CTD’s continue. There have been many updates since then and the CTD’s continue. But like I said this is a pre-alpha test still and CTD’s are expected.

I cannot have CTD’s in msfs because I never bought msfs - In my view its currently a photography game in pre-alpha, and it has way too many CTD reports still. I want to buy msfs, but I can’t justify paying full price for an unstable pre-alpha product.

I’m here saying that logic and reason will not apply to CTD’s until msfs is finished being developed. In other words don’t expect the CTD’s to just go away as long as development continues. Currently the end user (paying customer) will have to alpha test msfs, it is unavoidable at this juncture, unless one walks away for a time.

So, for now, its important to welcome the CTD’s with open arms, do what you can to cause CTD’s, and report CTD’s. Stop trying to avoid CTD’s, especially when they are still currently so widespread. The more that workarounds are used to avoid CTD’s the longer it will take to finally fix the CTD’s…I hope that makes sense…I’m not here as an enemy or to argue.

Well, your loss, in my opinion.

I’ll be the first to admit it has some issues, which I would classify as growing pains
The last few days have not been good, with the Bing Data issue , and the Simconnect one both hitting at once.
So if you want to go on those two issues, yes they certainly affected quite a few users.
I been quite fortunate, I have had fewer issues with MSFS than I had with FSX, Steam, or P3D, and have been using MSFS since launch in August.
I may have had 4 or 5 CTD in that time frame, most of them recently.
I was able, thanks to this forum, to be able to find the cause for each.

In all fairness, the Bing issue sprung up “out of the blue” and it is actively being looked into.
The simconnect is corrected with the next update.

And it is quite an amazing sim.
I can’t see myself ever going back, and I am not a VFR flyer!
The “feeling” you get from this sim can’t be replicated elsewhere!


Thanks for the thoughtful response

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thanks… I hope @aracines have now enough writen of it’s own personal opinion within this thread and made enough wrong assumptions about other users and wrong summaries, and this within a thread which is made for searching issues and helping users.
It’s own thread was already closed because “is essentially not constructive”.

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Make the video since I’m wrong. Don’t talk - show everybody how correct you are.

and you still tell with this your opinion that you mean I lie.

I have you absolutly nothing to proof. If I tell you I have no CTD ( since start issues are gone ), then you have to trust me. Beside of this I uploaded some videos at my YT channel , like others done same… I’am not interessted at a 787 , I fly airplane which I want and not what you want.

In all your posts here was nothing which was helpfull for the users.
You only created more “responses” ( as you said 2600+ ) within this thread which we not need in this category.

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If I have to trust you, why don’t you have to trust me? Why not prove to everybody here that I’m wrong. I say I’m not wrong, please trust me or show me I’m wrong.

My post says to not avoid CTD’s at this juncture because msfs is still in early development, the G1000, other autopilots, weather, AI, copilot, and ATC (major core features) have not even been completed yet. There are going to be CTD’s. The best way to solve the CTD’s is to report as many as possible to zendesk. It is not good to workaround CTD’s at this juncture, there are too many people having CTD’s for too many reasons.

You see, its not a matter of what interests you, its a matter of trying to make msfs CTD so you can report it to the msfs team. Every msfs customer is an alpha tester until msfs has completed the development stage.

As long as this community does whatever it takes to avoid CTD’s at this stage, they may never get fixed or they will take years to finally get fixed. The result is, the community will have to be in a perpetual state of workarounds and unreasonable compromises…this is no way to flight sim.

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@aracines your post above is 100%. For me, its AI traffic. I can fly for hours and hours with settings on high/ultra with AI off, as soon as AI is on, CTD. So my workaround has been AI off, but it shouldn’t have to be. I was routinely reporting CTD’s and bugs/giving feedback until about a month ago when I just got jack of it and wanted an UNINTERUPTED flying experience.


I’ve had crashes in the middle of the ocean. I also don’t use AI traffic, but Live, but I guess that’s just AI by another name. If it was AI that caused it, it must have a huge range of effect.

wtf? the market place was available in the game again, but again a CTD during take off today.

Busy airport? Custom scenery bought from the Marketplace? Details please.

If during takeoff then I assume it’s not the Bing data/CGL file issue as it would have crashed instantly before the scene even loaded.

As mentioned, aquired the EDDM from official market place two weeks ago. Since 3 days CTD if starting from this airport during take off or even earlier, this is random. All remaining airports are fine. The route from Frankfurt to Inssbruck passing EDDM the PC hang for some seconds directly above this airport, but continued.

lets see what happens if remove the addon.

So that doesn’t sound like the Bing data issue, as you would not have even had the opportunity to get in the cockpit. I have three airports that have that issue, and it’s impossible to visit them without turning Bing data off, or renaming their respective CGL files.

If you haven’t removed it yet, can you try one thing for me. Try setting Use Generic Plane models on for both AI, and MP. It’s under Traffic.

Ive removed the add on and no CTD anymore. :white_check_mark:

Let me try your suggestions when bringing back the addon to the game.
I will report once tried out.

reinstalled the addon EDDM and set generic plane models for MP to on (for AI it was already on).
During loading of the airport CTD.

Any other ideas what could cause the CTD in comibantion with the add on?

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FOR THE THIRD TIME i reply this topic with CTD report
the first one caused by broken Visual c++ and the second one because of the Xbox app.
and this time it caused by the freaking SPEAKER DRIVER. i update the dolby driver and it crashed my MSFS
idk why but this time i got CTD in map menu not in mid-flight as before
im sorry for you all but i need help again this time -_-

That’s not what you said before. You said it crashed on takeoff. Now you are saying it crashes on load. If its the later, then it could be the Bing data issue.

Look inside the scenery folder, and find a folder called “CGL”. Inside that may be a single file. Rename its file extension to anything except .cgl i.e. .cgl.bak

Then retry it.

Are you aware of the Bing Data issue?
This time it probably isn’t anything you did!