Crash to desktop without error message

I’ve never really had many CTD’s in MSFS, but in the last few days I couldn’t get the sim to work, I suspected many things were at fault (FCR,3PD add ons, new 6800xt GPU etc) and after much trial and error once I got rid of my add ons in the community folder, I can play the sim again without any CTD’s. Hopefully when the update drops they fix all these issues, yet again this is just not good enough from Asobo/Microsoft. It’s such a shame because I love the sim otherwise.

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It is hardly acceptable. A lot of the addon airports use .cgl files. Airports and scenery from Aerosoft, ORBX, Justsim and from other payware and freeware developers. Don’t forget that ASOBO/MICROSOFT encouraged developers to build upon their platform. Especially some payware developers are featured in partnership series. Imagine what those developers (who are also in the marketplace) would think and feel, esp. now that they are losing revenue because their sceneries are not as usable as they intended and the potential buyers are waiting for this issue to be fixed. Hopefully the wait will be over tomorrow (fingers crossed).


same here.
Since today I experience CTD during loading of flight. I try to spawn in LOWI (payware version, bought from ingame Marketplace). CTD happens each time, even after restart of PC.

The sim is not usable anymore.

Funny thing is, until yesterday I flew daily without any issues (and I certainly did not do any updates or changed any settings between yesterday and today)

This is a known issue. Updates regarding this will be posted here:

ok I just went back into the sim after about 2 months and this appeared:

what does this mean?
I downloaded it from the microsoft store and not a disc
what is this?

Hi @snobear2O2O,
See this topic here:

Or from the FAQ:

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Does this cause a CTD? (Thread topic)

After updating MSFS and the SDK today, the Dev Tool creates CTDs when loading a scene XML.
Anyone else experiencing the same?


Having the same issue here

I’ve just had my first CTD since today’s update. Flying the A320 from CYYZ to KBOS, it crashed about 20 minutes into the IFR flight. Exactly the same as the issue I was having before the update which I was told was likely due to simconnect since my gaming rig is quite powerful. Very disappointed as my understanding was the CTD issue would be addressed. I suspect I will need to turn AI traffic off again.

I could narrow the source of the CTD down to projected meshes. If several projected meshes are in an xml, the dev tool is likely to crash when loading it. This happens with xml files saved with previous versions of the SDK as well as newly created files. Just place 2 or 3 projected meshes, reload the file in the scenery editor - and CTD.


I’ve turned ai traffic back on, will report back if this has now been fixed with the new update. The CTD was completely resolved for me with ai and live traffic turned off. I’m hoping it’s been fixed now, hate flying like I’m the only one on the planet


Update on the dev tool CTDs:

  • The new SDK 0.10 cannot handle projected meshes (at least not on my computers). If there are multiple projected meshes in a file, the tool crashes when trying to load the xml.
  • With the 0.9 SDK, these crashes do not happen.
  • The dev tool is overall very unstable since the latest MSFS update. Independently of the above findings, the dev tool often CTD’s when opening my projects.
    I think this is more of an MSFS issue than an SDK issue.

Not sure if the team reads these topics? Would be nice to get some feedback.


I can confirm that I have still got CTD with AI traffic turned back on (I previously had it turned off). A very small test flight between KPWK and KCMI in the A320neo and it crashed about 40 miles out on approach.

I didn’t actually touch anything at the time, the plane was descending.

FSUIPC was connected with a single addon reading data from it.

Not brilliant I have to say.


Please read the update notes.
This was a world update, NOT a sim update. The next update will be focused on issues with the simulator itself. There were a very limited number of adjustments included in this release. The pitch down at landing and SimConnect issues were the only two specifically targeted in the latest world update…

They do scan the forums but not on any regular basis.
There is no guarantee they will notice or act on your post.
The only sure way is to enter a Zendesk support request.

Hi @thorsten-fsdg

SDK issues are possible better placed within #bugs-and-issues:bugs-and-issues-sdk. Within this thread nobody expect it.

And there is no recommendation to use the devtool in a “allways on”-usage. Its well known that this tool cause some issues.

And of course… don’t forget to create ZenDesk Tickets :slight_smile:

“Fixed various crashes across the title”



The latest update (UK & Ireland) has still not managed to help this CTD situation; and I’ve even lowered by graphic settings today too!

Getting so boring now… :frowning:


I feel your pain man!