Crash to desktop without error message

If you haven’t seen this vid, you should watch it.
It gives some good explanations of needed FPS in the sim.

KB5010415 for Windows 10 20H2-21H2/Server 20H2

  • Addresses a memory leak in the wmipicmp.dll module that causes a lot of false alarms in the System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) datacenter monitoring system.

  • Addresses an issue that causes the Group Policy Management Console to stop working after you close it. The system logs Application Error Event ID 1000 and the error, 0xc0000005 (STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION); the failing module is GPOAdmin.dll.

February 15, 2022—KB5010415 (OS Builds 19042.1566, 19043.1566, and 19044.1566) Preview (

just tried all that today. The entire flight 8.5h was completely smooth and then again on final at YSSY 34L sudden death. Did not stutter before or had glitches or something it was just the callout “1000” and then it crashed without any message. Very annoying to wait so long for a beautiful morning approach in Sydney and then it crashes :-1:


Very disappointing indeed.
There are a fair amount of users who are experiencing CTD’s with no notice, after a long flight.
To me, that seems very much like a memory leak.

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Yeah it has the typical symptoms of a memleak with it’s progressing nature. But anyways I hope Asobo finds a way to detect what is going wrong here since many players are affected and even players with very good to great hardware. So it is not like we have just 4 GB RAM and wonder why it crashes :smiley:

But well thank you for sharing the video above maybe it helped me a little bit to get a smoother experience and regarding the crashes I fear we can only hope things improve in the future

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Here is a link to a post which may also explain some issues.

Ahhhh <3 Classic 75% it happens on final approach after long flight but noooo… support gonna tell you that you need to format PC, try another GPU driver, another GPU, CPU, MOBO, RAM :slight_smile:
Don’t forget about changing your PSU.


so this is just a through in the pile of “what could it be” 3 of my Community guys have bought new computers with an Nvidia 3080 after talking with customer service they were told to send back their cards and they will replace them due to a batch of bad 3080’s so i may be some of the reason and something to look into…

Can you elaborate on this? I have a new computer…with a 3080…and constant CTD

If you do a google search for 3080 cards crashing, there are a lot of returns.

lol yeah, but all other games do not have any issues^^

And in my opinion this is no valid option to have to reset your pc and reinstall windows… :slight_smile:

3 of my guys 2 bought new computers and one bought a 3080 card and they all had CTD and after one of the guys called their PC service department after they heard what was going on with his computer they said there was a bad batch of 3080’s and he had to send his card in and they sent him a new one. the other guys did the same thing

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I knew about CTD issue for a while, but I was calling myself a fortunate one. I could throw everything at my pc and finish a vatsim flight with mods and everything without any issues well today was different CTD twice once in cruise and other on arrival over 1h in. Well since it’s just started for me I’ll try to go over this thread and see if any ideas here help me. It’s unfortunate that game can crash after 1h of flight without giving your any clue why.


Can you supply us your PC’s specs?
Also, check your PC’s temps.


Intel(R) Core™ i9-9900KF CPU WATER COOLED
32.0 GB RAM
3080TI 511.79
1TB WD Blue SN550 NVMe Internal SSD
WIN 10 19043.1526


FSRealistic 1.5

I checked my MSI Afterburner stats right after the crash nothing was out of the ordinary.
I have 7.7 trips around the world logged since volanta is out.

I was flying TBM9 ( improvement mod and+ WTG3000)


I would bet that it’s the Asobo server issue! Don’t waste your time trying to find out what’s wrong with your system! I had two CTDs last night, back to back also and that’s very unusual! After that, I had 7 hours of flight with no issue! Same airports, same setup, same everything…

And just FYI I have a very powerful system which I spent a lot of money on; so I am seriously disappointed to see stutter or CTDs:

I9-12900KF, RTX 3090, 64 GB DDR5 4400mhz ram, etc. If this fails, I am not sure what will work …

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I would also suspect server issues on Asbobo’s side rather than individual client issues. Too many people are affected and having critical errors where the entire program is shut down sounds like a incident in the source code or maybe server connection issues with bad or no error handling.

I do not think that we can find anything serious on our systems, maybe one or two are lucky and find something that caused or at least enforced the issues on their systems, but for most of us the reason is to be found by Asobo.

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Yet another CTD during rollout after a 2-hour flight. Minimal impact apart from the breaking of immersion, as flight time, touchdown rate etc were already logged. At this point I’m 90% certain it’s something with AI traffic (either Live or Offline).

It’s definitely none of the potential root causes I had suspected, such as Little Navmap, FSRealistic, liveries (had completely removed AIM files from Community), Ground Traffic (was set to 0%), rolling cache (disabled), GPU drivers or whatever. I did a few more shorter tests yesterday without any traffic and it worked fine 100% of the time. Now to try a few more 2-3 hour log trips with CJ4 without any additional traffic.

I was this close to getting Aerosoft’s Simple Traffic and try it instead of AIM, however I found a couple of posts in other forums that report CTDs during approach, blaming Live/Offline AI traffic as the main supect and they said it also happens with Simple Traffic. So I’ll just hold my horses until I’ve found the root cause.

…or wait for Asobo to get their act together and create a stable software title that doesn’t crash because of a trillion different reasons, as revealed by a Google search or a quick visit to Zendesk’s assortment of “workarounds”.

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I have had CTD’s for a few days now as soon as I start a flight from the menu. Also I suddenly had a permanent frame drop from 55 FPS to only 12 FPS during a flight after about 30 minutes.
After a lot of testing, I assume it was due to the newly installed NVIDIA drivers. Version 511.79, but also 511.23 caused these above mentioned problems for me. Yesterday I went back to 497.29 and had no more problems after that. Will test it again today but more extensively. I am even of the opinion that I had no problems before with the 511.09 (unfortunately I forgot to note it down). The 511.09 brought me even with my setup a few more frames.

… Never touch a running system!! :roll_eyes: :joy: