Crash to desktop without error message

Do you have the Honey Comb Bravo? It seems to have gone hay wire with it since this started. Throttle 2 no longer works

Plugging the stick after launch triggers the crash immediately

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Yes you’re right. I get a json error for the bravo occasionally with a ctd. but mostly 90% of the time no error report

No sorry. Only hardware that changed these last days is I added my vibrating JetSeat, which works with free community SimShaker software, which required me to install the legacy SimConnect… which did give me some problems in MSFS2020 after install but appeared to be solved after rebooting…
I’m suspecting this might be it, or otherwise systematically proof it can be the sim itself (C172 suspect).

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That does sound like the original issue, but I am probably mis-remembering something. In any case, I thought MSFS had fixed that bug…

I’m searching the forums now, as you should by the way, to gather more info. You didn’t mention the platform, but for MS Store, your controller configs are store here:


In here is another folder, and beneath that other folders, some of which contain the controller config.

Below is a portion of my yoke’s config, and how they should look:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<Version Num="1517"/>
<FriendlyName>VirtualFly - YOKO+  profile</FriendlyName>
<Device DeviceName="VirtualFly - YOKO+ " GUID="{D068FA70-84D6-11EA-8002-444553540000}" ProductID="3488">
		<Axis AxisName="X" AxisSensitivy="0" AxisSensitivyMinus="0" AxisNeutral="0" AxisDeadZone="0" AxisOutDeadZone="0" AxisResponseRate="-1"/>
		<Axis AxisName="Y" AxisSensitivy="0" AxisSensitivyMinus="0" AxisNeutral="0" AxisDeadZone="0" AxisOutDeadZone="0" AxisResponseRate="-1"/>
	<Context ContextName="PLANE">
		<Action ActionName="KEY_AP_MASTER" Flag="2">
				<KEY Information="Joystick Button 6">5</KEY>
		<Action ActionName="KEY_ELEV_TRIM_DN" Flag="2">
				<KEY Information="Joystick Button 2">1</KEY>
		<Action ActionName="KEY_ELEV_TRIM_UP" Flag="2">
				<KEY Information="Joystick Button 3">2</KEY>
		<Action ActionName="KEY_AXIS_ELEVATOR_SET" Flag="4">
				<KEY Information="Joystick L-Axis Y ">1042</KEY>
		<Action ActionName="KEY_AXIS_AILERONS_SET" Flag="4">
				<KEY Information="Joystick L-Axis X ">1026</KEY>

The “null profile”, and this was the search term to use, explains how to remove these dodgy profiles, with no bindings:

I can’t say 100% that this is your issue, but it sounds an awful lot like it.

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This was the issue. Null controller profile was saved on steam cloud, and thus kept getting downloaded back down over and over. Removing the profile, and then running the game with steam cloud disabled allowed me to create a new profile. Then the next time I relaunched the game I was asked if I wanted to download or replace the steam cloud stored profile, and after uploading the new profile I’m no longer crashing with the t1600m plugged in.

And that was the bit I was missing! The steam sync. Thanks for the clarification.

You’ve been very lucky not to get hit by that sooner, as this was discovered back in October.

Thanks, having a say is what this forum is all about!

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Thanks this fixed it!

Deleting the local controller profiles, then starting the sim back up with ‘Online Functionality’ turned off forced the creation of a new profile. Then restarting the sim with ‘Online Functionality’ turned back on resulted in a prompt at launch asking whether to use the local profile or the cloud profile. Selecting the local profile will then in turn update the profile in the cloud.

Now I can start the sim with my controllers connected. Awesome… thanks everyone for the tips.

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The topic is bugs and issues/CTDs. It is essential that people experiencing these absurd and important problems make their feelings known where they are most likely to be noted by the people most likely to be able to do something about it. The squeaky wheel gets the most oil. And frankly, with the possible exception of recent stuff around joystick profiles, nothing I have seen from helpful amateurs has been any more use than the Zendesk stuff. So thank you for your advice but when I am seriously ■■■■■■ off I will continue to make loud noises wherever I think it will have the most value.


Yes there is a probem with the server of microsoft desactivate bing

I am on Steam and in desperation tried to reinstall FSX instead of fighting CTDs. Sadly, that didn’t work either, some gobbledygook message about parallel or side by side stuff. Oh well, no sim until they fix it.

Recognized today: When starting from EDDM the simulator crashes to desktop, before or during tak-eoff. EDDM is my only DLC, purchased throuhg official market place. Since market place is down today, I see here a possible root cause for the crashes. All other take-off locations work fine.
Can somebody confirm this?

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I have reverted back to the Nvidia drivers which came out in August 2020 when flight sim was released and so far 2 hours in and no CTD. Will continue to monitor and feedback (obviously not a workaround for all. But May work for others).

Yes, got the Same on diffrent add on airports

I tested out eddf (Frankfurt) and it worked fine. Then i tried eddm munich (payware addon)and the game instantly crashed. So maybe you are right

It’s a bing data. For the moment desactivate bing data

Thanks for trying out and confirming my observation. So Im going to do not re-install anything, but just wait unit the market place is available again. I hope the issue is gone then :wink:
Does anybode know the reason for the market place being unavailable today? Is it due to the postponed update? :man_shrugging:

Not sad really. In my normal day to day life, (and dare I say this applies to most people), I dont buy things that dont work and if I accidently do, then I follow commonsense and my legal right to seek repair, return or compensation. This issue has moved beyond a relatively few computer enthusiasts having a fine time swapping ideas on fixes and workarounds for new software. Thousands of people have spent thousands of dollars on a product that doesnt work. And as near as I can see, no one has any recourse beyond complaining bitterly through forums such as this. I look forward to the impending “update” but I am appalled that they show no evidence of having thrown the resources at this issue that are clearly warranted. We will see

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Just to add my input to this, I’ve not been able to run MSFS since the last update in December without it crashing. I’d given up, but someone on my Discord server mentioned something that made a lightbulb go off.

Tonight I managed to complete 2 flights with a combined flight time of 4 hours with zero issues - and I also had FSUIPC connected with some third party addons running.

What changed?

Well - I simply dialled back the speed of my RAM in the BIOS from 3000MHz to 2400MHz. That’s it. I’ve not noticed any performance decrease in MSFS in doing so - but I can actually use it.

What I did notice however on an initial test before making my lfights, was taking off from Ibiza in the Beechcraft Baron 58. Before I made the change I could consistently get a crash in the same place every single time. This time though, the simulator simply stuttered for a few seconds where it normally crashes… then carried on.

So I’m not sure what the problem is - maybe a paging issue of some sort?

AMD Ryzen 3600X CPU
Corsair Vengeance DDR4 memory 16Gb now running at 2400MHz instead of the 3000Mhz it’s rated at.
Radeon RX5600XT 6Gb GPU