Crash to desktop without error message

It could be a cache issue.
If you have do the rolling cache on, the cached files could be causing this.
You could try emptying it, and see what that does.

I already solved the CTD by reinstalling the Visual C++
but 1 week after that, my XBOX Apps got an issue, i reset my Microsoft store and fix it, but after that i got CTD again. I tried to do all solution i did before but nothing work

as said… this kind of discussion if for #community:general-discussion-feedback area.

Beside of these you wrote absolut wrong things… the game cost 69EUR, and this is very cheap compared with the other existing flightsims on the market. That you bought extra stuff for “thousands of dollars” is simple your own decision and it is not the “product MSFS”.

one of the well known problem maker is the XMP mode. Some user-systems crash in case xmp mode is enabled ( why ever ) and it helped to go back to a normal JEDEC standart setting.
( and I’am pretty sure you not notive a perf-diff from 2400/2660 to 3000 :slight_smile: ).

Also :

already checked and possible increased virtual memory setting ?
It’s not allways necessary, but in meanwhile recommended (since ) for users less 32GIG RAM ( 4Gig min / 20Gig max : see posts above related to ‘since 1…’ ) )

I read something maybe it could help one of you. I saw multiples problems while using AI traffic, try and disable AI traffic and see if it fixes your problem !

I’ve helped quite a few users in here with CTD’s and with very few exceptions, 99% of them involved some computer setting that was just not “so”.

The one thing I have learned from all of them is that very few are from the same cause, so there is no general “fix” that ASOBO can do to correct user’s problems.
Once they become aware of a specific CTD issue, they do work to correct it.
One of the biggest issues right now is the Simconnect CTD issue (which, after reading your posts, it seems like that could very well be your issue as well).
This has been acknowledged by ASOBO, and they have said the fix is due with the next sim update.
What they haven’t said is if it’s World Update3 coming shortly, or with SimUpdate 3 in March.
There is a lot of info here in the forums on this Simconnect CTD issue if you want to learn more about it.



and the other newer ones,

beside of the users-system issues or these self-made overcloacking issues.

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That is the “Simconnect CTD” issue.
The more info that simconnect handles the more unstable it becomes.
When it crashes, it takes MSFS with it.
Reducing the AITraffic puts less info through simconnect, which makes it more stable, but it isn’t a complete cure.
It will significantly lower CTD’s but may not completely fix the problem.


Did you sign out of X-box and back in?

Yes I am beginning to think it is a server problem and not my setup as some days with consistent settings I just get multiple CTD’s at the point of ready to fly yet another day none at all .
I used to select options to minimum, turn off AI traffic etc and it was no different.
I just don’t bother now if it happens twice I give in for the day.
It would be nice to have some sort of warning message rather than just a freeze then an abrupt exit to Desktop.

Simconnect CTD most likely.
Taking the steps you mentioned helps, but doesn’t cure the issue.
Not using external apps like Simbrief or Little Nav Map, etc., helps as well.
Anything that communicates with the sim goes through simconnect.
The more data it handles, the more unstable it becomes.
When it crashes, it takes MSFS with it.
Asobo has stated it will be fixed with the next update.

no change on the Xbox, but i already solved it, i reset my MS Store again, and this time it fix both Xbox and MSFS

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Oh that’s great news.

Glad to hear you are “back in the air”!

Same Issue here - live traffic causes a CTD

Perhaps they are not pointed to these so much because at the bottom of the page this is plainly stated:

Was this article helpful? 4 out of 64 found this helpful

Very bad odds/statistics.

This msfs needed to be complete and consistently stable for 95%+ of alpha testers before even entering a beta stage, in my view. The CTD’s now are just a part of an ongoing alpha stage; msfs is still being developed and the multitude of add-ons are still being developed. Simconnect and the SDK are still being developed. To me it is amazing that anybody can complete a half day of flying w/o CTD, but I will not believe anybody who says they never had or have CTD’s in msfs. Whether the AI or Cache or Add-ons or Settings or any other number of variables, everybody is having to work-around CTD’s with several compromises; some major - some basic.

Everybody, and I do mean everybody, is having to wait in order to “fully” use msfs w/o compromises and work-arounds.

From the msfs support site at the top of the page:

How to troubleshoot crashes & CTDs

Support Updated : Yesterday at 01:58

On occasion, you may experience crashes during your flight or on the menu screens. Below you will find a list of common troubleshooting steps that have been known to reduce or eliminate CTDs entirely.

So the support page begins with the expectation of CTD’s on occasion. Now if these steps have been known to eliminate CTD’s entirely, then it was only 4 people who benefited (4 out of 64 people who found the article helpful).

But the reality is, of course CTD’s are expected, msfs still being developed; and everybody who bought msfs will just have to deal with a product in development…a 10 year journey.


This thread will help explain your recent CTD’s.

Please don’t speak for me ! I have to wait for nothing related to a CTD.

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My response is not intended to argue with you, I want to believe you, however:

Make a video with all settings on, and all at max, including Live AI traffic, car/boats, Live Weather, everything. Fly a full unedited 1-3 hour IFR flight from a major airport to a major airport, in the default 787, using default ATC - Full 4K - and make occasional use of the co-pilot (air craft control and radio control) too. Not a test of your frame rate but a test for CTD. Post a link with the completed unedited flight and I will believe you.

There is not one user that can or will do this. They will make excuses that they don’t like bloom or lens flare or Live traffic or ATC or they don’t fly airliners or their PC is not fast enough - there is always an excuse not to make full use of msfs.

Post the vid and we will see. I do not want you to CTD, I would like to be wrong. But this topic, and hundreds of other CTD topics with thousands of complaints for over a year are not some fantasy or conspiracy. Everybody just wants to fly in peace…not possible with an early alpha build.


I don’t like Bloom either, so I turn it off, as well as motion blur. I still have the odd crash now, and then so it’s nothing to do with those.

I don’t think anyone has to prove anything to you either.


Honestly, all our rigs are working mostly quite well.
It is you with the issue. Nobody needs to prove anything to you!

As I see it you have been affected by the Simconnect CTD bug, which is known to be triggered by long flights(among others), and in the last couple days also by the Bing Data issues.
Both will cause CTD’s.
Both are very well known.
One resulted from some failure at Bing which hit without warning, the other was quite complex and a fix is coming with the next upgrade.


And just like that, I crashed. Literally just touched down at MDPC, and hadn’t even lowered my nose wheel, and it died. First crash of the weekend, and hopefully the last.

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