Crash to desktop without error message

Hi all! I’m currently trying to gather some information that could help the devs out with some of these CTDs.

One thing that helps them a lot is gathering CAB GUIDs. You can find that in the Event Viewer while looking at Windows Error Reporting Events.

Here are some directions to how to get to it:

They are looking for CAB GUIDs that aren’t “0”. If you have a CTD and check the logs, please DM me a screenshot of your CAB GUID and I’ll pass it along to them. Please don’t post it in this thread as to respect private information. Thanks!

Here is a screenshot of where you’d find the Cab GUID after following the Event Viewer directions in the above link:


Restarted my computer, and was able to redo the flight without issue.

Sadly all of mine were Cab=0.

Hopefully others here have that information. I’ll go back through my event log to see if I have others in there.

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if you’re using radeon software for ur GPU and CPU they just did an update on their software so hopfully the game won’t crash then .

Here are just a few EASY things to try that eliminated some of the CTD’s I experienced last year.
I haven’t experienced any CTDs since, so they’re probably not applicable to the bulk of the issues most are experiencing with the last update.

1.) Check your Windows Page File settings. “Let Windows Manage…” is probably the safest option.
If it’s insufficient, I guarantee a CTD!

2.) Try uninstalling and reinstalling your GPU and all associated drivers. The cumulative driver updates sometimes have a way of getting their lines of code crossed.

3.) Turn of any overclocking for either your GPU or CPU. Read somewhere in this forum that MSFS is a little OCD about OC!


Same here, all my vcruntime140’s are cab guid 0 so I guess this addresses another CTD issue. At least it’s good to know the devs are working on this.

Gonna try now the new radeon drivers released today although I have no reason to believe they’ll make an difference, as the issue persists with all previous driver versions released since November.

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If your errors are pointing towards the C++ runtime, ensure you only have one version installed, the 2015 - 2019 version.

I do but I seriously doubt this has got anything to do with my issue, as the game seems to be using its own internal libraries anyway. I vividly remember that the DLL error was for version 1.28 while the only one I had installed was 1.25 (after that I upgraded to 1.28 anyway and nothing changed).

It’s absolutely mind boggling that by simply disabling Xbox Game Bar made a huge difference and I can now start a flight 90% of the time instead of crashing immediately in main menu.

No luck as expected. Managed to get to the main menu, did a couple of minor options changes without starting a flight, alt-tab’ed to get back to Windows to check something and immediately got a GPU driver timeout along with the vcruntime error.

Now to try again the same scenario but this time I’ll start a flight first.

I finished the short flight I crashed on earlier, and I just finished a 1.5 hour flight from Lukla to Tribhuvan in the JF Arrow. Great framerates, no stuttering, and most importantly no crashes. I swear the apparent randomness is the worst.

Just curious…
Did you uninstall your Radeon GPU device in Device Manager as well as the Radeon drivers before you installed the new ones?
I’ve discovered it makes a difference with the Nvidea GPUs.

You are 100% correct! You’ve boggled my mind…
I have the Xbox Game Bar running all the time when I am flying in MSFS.
What a complex web we are in, huh?

Yes, that’s a very good point. My tests were all done after a full removal via DDU Uninstaller. But even a clean Windows/MSFS/drivers install didn’t help.

As expected the game seems to be running perfectly fine as long as I manage to start a flight. I’ve been flying for more than an hour now with a C172 using ultra graphics at 1440p. Temperatures are fine, resource usage is fine (about 35% CPU, 90% GPU, MSFS uses about 5.5GB of RAM), everything works very smoothly at an almost steady 60fps, I can alt-tab back and forth to Windows and so on. But I know that as long as I end up my flight and go back to the main menu, chances are the game will crash within less than 20-30 seconds.

What a complex web we are in indeed!

Finally, 2 solid days flying without a CTD. For me, it’s a face palm moment. As many times as people have said, don’t OC your GPU… I did. The first few months it liked that overclock. 11 hours flight time total. knock on wood. 3090 is strong enough on its own with the factory oc

Is it OK (not CTD at all with reasonable >30 FPS) with factory OC?
My GPU is factory OC, I think to underclock it if still CTD.

Having only this one 2015-2019 C ++ got rid of some of the fancy features I was enjoying with Windows 10. What finnally work for me was downloading the Standard version Microsoft store update instead of the Premium Deluxe version I own. All my Premium planes and paid airports were still there and I did not have to update any planes or scenery. I did have to go back and change my settings back to the way I had them like the v sync or resolution settings. Traffic and other settings were still there just like I left them before the CTD problem.

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Which features? I’ve not noticed anything missing.

I’m pretty sure factory OC’s are ok, but then again. chasing down CTDs without an error code is super difficult

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All any of us can really do is not dismiss any suggestion out of hand, till we have a better grasp of what is really going on. I myself fell foul of that early on, with one suggestion given I was like “There’s no way that’s going to…hey, it worked!” :slight_smile:

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That was exactly my mentality. I had run higher GPU Oc’s in other games or benches and thought it just fine where it was. Still not sure I’m out of the water, but I’m at least a lot further ahead and can finish a flight again. I did learn some things chasing CTDs down. As I would get stuttering audio before crashes I tested with an external soundcard from my studio. I found that my onboard soundcard with Realtek driver caused FPS stutters during ATC audio events. This didn’t occur at all with the external soundcard, gameplay was a lot smoother and i continue to use it

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unfortunately, our experience says something completely different

big thumbs up :slight_smile: