Crashed for unknown reason during taxi

Have anyone experienced this? I was taxing on taxiway bravo at KCOF when I suddenly “crashed”! I had apparently damaged the landing gear, but I have no idea why. I was taxing at just under 20kt in my C208 and there where no objects in the taxiway. I restarted the sim and ran a few times up and down the same taxiway but couldn’t reproduce it.

There have been several collision boxes that are misplaced in the sim. If you can repeat the collision, you should report it through Zendesk (top of the forum page).

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Yes there are some glitches like this in the game. I can’t imagine they tested every airport with there being so many. There is an airport near KLAX where you hit something at the end of the runway while taking off. If you get in the air soon enough you can miss it but if you don’t kiss your butt goodbye lol.

Thank you guys

I’ve fallen through the ground in Peru, up near Machu Picchu.

Ok, now that is hilarious lol.

The “system” just automatically edited my post. WTF?

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I’m not sure but I believe there may be a debugging tool when the dev mode is activated so you can perhaps see the collision boxes or or there is a wireframe things you can turn on… might be something that would help in these instances. :thinking:

Debug allows you to see any item placed by the devs, not necessarily the automated AI. The wireframe will let you see any rendered surface.

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So you don’t think it would show up what the OP apparently crashed into then?

Looks like it does that when you quote a whole post, so as to reduce unnecessary length. Clearly it doesn’t parse quote length, though. (to test, I quoted your whole post at the top of this one - let’s see if the system removes it)

I think it did it because I quoted the post directly above mine and it figured it was obvious who I was talking about? I really don’t think I want a forum system that is smarter or more aware than I am lol. That scares me a bit.

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Edit: Yup you’re right, that’s what did it

I do think the system will show what is there, that was my point. If it is a wall that was rendered, but invisible, wireframe will show it. Debug might not if it wasn’t placed there by a Dev.

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Thanks for the clarification. :+1:

Simple solution disable crash detect.

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