Crashes after hotfix

I am still CTD after todays hotfix, anyone else?

Turning off live traffic seems to help.


Updated with HotFix#1. Just had a CTD coming into KLAX.

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same observations. since su5 patch on PC i have CTD’ in world map and over manhattan (with multiplayer)

Me either…CTD’s with FBWA32X, CJ4 loosing NAV Autopilot, TBM930 MM has to be updated (best airplane besides FBW), so only small airplanes work…and be aware…most repaints will give you problems also…

a bit messy

Yep first flight I tried to load CTD. I give up it’s been broken.


It’s happening to me also. Two days since the most recent update.

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Same here. CTD after 30 seconds in game.

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Same here. CTD after hotfix!


I had a CTD for the first time in around 2 months flying the DC-6. First flight after the hotfix. I didn’t have a CTD even after Sim Update 5.

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same here CTD after hotfix , also i stuck in loading screen , unplayable !!!

Same here. Unplayabled.

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Same here….

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Suggest to delete the following files:

manual cache
rolling cache.

The first two files are located here:


Both are recreated by the game so it’s harmless.
You can always do a backup before hand.

Apologies in advance if you have already done it, just trying to be helpful.

Is that what it is? I cant get a full flight with the TBM black livery. I flew from San Fran to LA and just when I was about to land, it crashed to desktop. This morning I tried to fly from Naples to Portarosa and 20 minutes into flight crash to desktop. Arrg.

Same here. CTD with Live Traffic On and newest FBW A320 dev version.

I did not have so many crashes and total not respondings in a week compared to what was going on in the last 2 days.

I seem to experience a screen freeze now but oddly only when I select Southend or London City in the flight plan. Everywhere else in the world seems fine. No idea why this is the case but I have to log out.

CTD on taxiing after landing at LOWL. On this 2 hour post hotfix flight (FBW a320) thought all was ok apart from a few stutters. That makes it about 20 CTDs in last 2 days - prior to update had maybe 1 CTD past 3-4 months.

I’m in the same boat. Haven’t been able to get that far. as soon as it loads to the main screen before I have a chance to do anything …poof… the game is gone

try to use another airport…maybe you test all the time with an externded or modified airport, which isn’t updated for SU5…
I had the same problems with LSZH (Zurich)…after I tried on another airport, I could fly with the fbwA32x!
But…throttle and engine 1 knob on my Thrustmaster Airbus broke…

I saw already some hints for this bug but should I really have to use different profiles with my Thrustmaster arrangement for every plane in Flightsim?
I wait further time until more improvements and update fixes come…otherwise I’m going to loose faith in this sim…

We all knew this is an ongoing process…but the worsest thing is always to be curious about new updates and functionalities and sametime you start to shiver, because you never know if you can use the sim after some changes…

A bit frutrating…

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