Crashes to xbox homescreen

Ok guys getting really frustrated now with the crashes to xbox homescreen when mid flight ,I’m playing on the xbox series s and to say the least its ruining the experience for me ,can we get this voted as quick fix , I cant be the only person on xbox experiencing this

id zendesk it if i were you. dont think there are very many xbox players in here.

Hey mate…i have these crashes too…this and the other issue with the Black avionics is pretty frustrating…


Definitely zendesk support ticket as that is the official channel and the best way to draw attention of technical issues. The Devs don’t use the forum as a method chasing tech issues.

Where doni getva ticket to report it ?

Regardless of your platform. Definitely open a zendesk support ticket.

If many people are opening tickets with the same issue it increases the chance escalation.

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For what it is worth I was getting random crashes on my XBox X and they would happen once a session. I have discovered over last two days that if I quit FS2020 & actually go to close it down rather than just suspend it, the crashes disappear (for me). I think FS2020 behaves better when closed down and restarted.
To close it down, go back to XBox homescreen have Flight Simulator scrolled over with left stick until you have a green outline, press the triple line key on the controller and scroll down and select ‘Quit’. This will close FS2020 down completely.
Re-launching FS2020 forces a clean start. Cashes are gone for me now (so far).

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Thank you. Working so far for me now :+1:

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Thank You. Tried that but there is no Quit Option. Seems that the game has already been completely Closed/Quitted. When I launch it again the crash still persists. I can’t even reach to the main game menu.

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Didnt work for me.

Ive uninstalled it and will try a fresh install. I hope that fixes it. I never had a problem until a couple of days ago.

I thought having an Xbox would stop having to deal with this sort of hassle.

It is noticeable that the flight simulator practically always crashes with the Airbus A320 Asobo after landing at a major airfield and finds itself in the Xbox home screen. During the flight, electronic noise is audible on the headphones. These crashes are not quite as frequent with other smaller aircraft. I have now also installed the flight simulator on the PC and there I had not been able to fesatstellen these problems up to this point.

On XBox, try clearing and then increasing your Rolling Cache (in the in-game general settings, under Data I think), and the yes, do a full Quit of MSFS, and reboot of XBox. I found that MSFS was completely unstable and unusable after installing World Update IX (9), and had to completely remove the software and factory reset the Xbox. Then I clean-installed MSFS, with World Updates 1 to 8 (not 9, and not 10 yet). I have a lot of weird behaviour with the Ground services, and Taxi ribbons, but flying seems normal (the normal level of bugs).

YOU are the FIRST person to express the same exact issue which I’ve been experiencing. NOW, my situation is a little different. When I attempt to begin “at the gate”, with my 747 or one of the other “heavy” aircraft, especially the Airbus 320’s, the sim reboots all the way back to the beginning or opening screen. I have made countless submissions to the Zendesk and for the first couple of responses they asked me to do the same troubleshooting, which I’ve already done. This has been going on for months now. While I appreciate being able to communicate with you folks here (I’m really new to the Xbox community), what are we as a “community” doing to get someone’s attention in resolving this? Like you, I also believe that there HAS to be many others experiencing the same issue. I am so very grateful for any information about this issue that you can offer me. Thanks!

Same here. However I noticed it crash only when I plan flight from or to “enhanced” airport. Doesn’t matter aircraft.

I have the on the Xbox. CTD every time I try and fly, no mater what plane, airport etc… Just doesn’t work anymore,

Been trying to get my money back for 2 weeks now.

Same here. Crashes all the time. Installed the beta to help fixing the sim. At the moment not realy playable.