Crashes With Every DLC Airport

I Bought Several Airports From The Market Place Like


When Jumping Into The Airports After Few Moments The Sim Crashes To XBOX Lobby Without Any Error Message I Spent Money Without Even Being Able To Enjoy Them And If I Want To Clear Cache I Have Lost Data Rolling Section After The Latest Update

It’s Really Bad That I Had To Uninstall All My Purchased Airport Because The SIM is So Buggy

They Should Test Every Product Well Before Publishing It On The Market Place!


may be for intresst:

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From your list, LEBL should work. It does here anyway. But the others, indeed not so much. Personally i had to delete LGAV also, very dissapointing.

Also don’t buy anything from Drzewiecki Design , which are on sale this week. It will not work!

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KDCA and Washington DC work fine. Stopped in KDCA last night and droned into the terminal for some coffee.

On pc it does for sure. I’m talking about Xbox.

On xbox. And I have IAD and the Washington DC pair of scenery, which can all be rendered at the same time with any altitude(plus Andrews and Hyde, etc). Just flew ~10 flights through all of them on purpose yesterday on a prescribed route checking various xbox/tv settings effects.

Ok thx for your answer, and take your word for it. Gonna purchase KDCA then.
If it doesn’t work, I’m gonna refund like I did before.

Got any other things installed? Like static aircraft, replacement ground vehicles, improved runways etc?

Airport textures, Bijans trees, and So Co birds for that area(and KIAD). I had the North America liveries on but took it off some time ago before I figured out it was the NXi causing chaos. Need to put it back on and test again, almost did it mid testing but didn’t want variables added.

Being somewhat boring but out of my home FBO KHEF, the DC/DCA add ons look great(I didn’t get them on sale either…) and IAD. I fly there without photogammetry on it looks much better and not a muddy mess. With Washington DC you also get Andrews Joint with AF1 and an E4 on the tarmac and Hyde(and some other stuff). KDCA has a working Metro train as well. DC scenery cleans up the bridges, adds some boats, and gravely point looks a lot better, pentagon and some of Crystal City too, bunch of other stuff. Get both being on sale, Washington DC SUCKS in native MSFS.

I’m from around here and ■■■■■■ if it doesn’t look like the area, even with PG off(more so with it off IMO). If you really want to find the target on route 1 sure, turn it on-I don’t try to find Targets in real life in a car. They have a lot of beautifully rendered static aircraft there too, not sure how it does it without any real performance hit. If flying my area, it’s usually to hit the beaches in some way from Dewey to Myrtle(which all STINK in this game, zero love in the sim for the beaches on the US East coast). And being so little available, usually make a point to fly over what little 3rd party there is here before straying east.

Although static Kodiaks will tank the frame rates.

That being said I WILL get an occasional CTD playing around there(in drone-not flying). Usually when I hit the snap back reset cockpit view out of habit and I’m in a drone on the Mall. Can’t really expect that to work… Make sure you logged your flight before you go flying all around there in drones, it’s pretty fascinating.

You pretty much have to get both the DC and DCA scenery, hard to come in there with the Washington monument clearly drawn on the ground flat… Considering the famous Potomac approach, it’s miserable looking at DC without it.

Again, thx for your great answer. I do not expect not to get a CTD when flying around in the drone, that’s not the problem. As long as I can do my mcdu, start up procedure, ground vehicles, and taxi to the runway
and enjoy the environment without having a CTD I’m happy with it.

I don’t fly in with airliners though, so don’t quote me on the gates. Typically if I’m in a major airport it’s with the TBM or KingAir. Although those can be a bit more taxing graphically than a cigar tube with a couple spinning turbines. Have been in there more than a few times with the Kodiak.

Well, truth is, everywhere I ask around for this “problem”, all I read is to ignore his products because he is prioritizing PC. You are actually the only person who reported no issues. Although, you are not flying airliners, I understand.

I ask the dev personally via FB about this issue. I will wait if he answers, if not then I have no choice but to not buying anything from him, unfortunately.

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