Crashing from control settings,

When I try to access my controller menu msfs crashes bad, I’m doing my third reinstall, 154gb plus 80gb after that in content manager. This has used up all my data twice.
Since the last up date I haven’t been able to access my controls menu. This is four days of downloading every time. Why are there such problems after updates?
Does anyone know what the problem is with msfs? This is costing a fortune?

What input devices do you have connected?
At what point does the crash occur?
(Opening controller menu? When selecting a controller?)
What does the crash look like?
(Lock up/freeze? Crash to Desktop?)

Not just crash to desktop but wipes out the game and I have to reinstall from scratch.
Everything works but when I try to open the control menu to program a contrôler or make an adjustment it crashes to desktop and won’t restart, it deletes my whole game and I need to reinstall from scratch. I have a 10980x processor, twin 2080 ti gpu’s, it’s very high end with winwing controllers and fip guages.
Never had a problem before the last update.

I can’t access the control menu, it freezes for a few seconds and crashes to desktop, then tells me I need to totally reinstall the whole game,

Changing control settings usually means that you actively write something to files using a program. In this case you use MSFS to do that or MSFS tries to open or get writing access to a file. If it crashes at that point I‘d make sure that your anti virus doesn‘t chime in. The claim that you had to reinstall the game also indicates that it misses files. Check your AV, make sure no files go/went into quarantine. Maybe uninstall the whole AV program to check it. MSFS won‘t cause this problem by itself, it must be a 3rd party influence.

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Ok I’ll delete my avast antivirus, I’ll be downloading now for four days so I’ll try again then.
Funny it never caused any issues until the last update. I’ve read about others having the same problem

I don‘t know avast unfortunately so I can‘t give you definite answers but overaggressive AVs ofter cause these kind of problems. It‘s a pity that MSFS immediately goes for a redownload. That‘s a no-go.

Thanks for your feed back guys.

I deleted my antivirus, reinstalled fresh, nothing in my community folder, no hotas connected etc, and still ctd , it was fine before the last update, I never changed anything, just after the last update it no longer will open my controls menu, I’m dead in the water :worried:

As usual not an msfs problem, I believe my joystick was the problem, I think I’m back to flying again :smiley:

The problem was having more than ten devices plugged in, I turned off the ones I don’t really need and now anything works as long as there is no more than ten plugged in at once.
Alpha yoke
F-18 joystick
F-18 throttle
F-18 start up panel
F-18 take off panel
F-18 combat panel
Rudder pedals
Two thrust master mfd panels
10 button 3 axis game pad
F-18 are winwing hotas, awesome.

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