Crashing Not to Desktop

So it looks like the new thing is flying along at 4000’ minding your business and all of a sudden you are at 0’AGL and cartwheeling across the ground crashing? Anyone else getting these teleporting from aloft into the ground thing now? Also I keep getting hit by wind gusts when there are none.

What aircraft and where were you?
Any addons in your community folder?

Twin Baron in multiple locations. The last happened about 5 miles west of North Las Vegas KVGT.

Yeah, I have community folder add-ons but how does that affect the weather?

I would be surprised if this is the weather.
This is more like what happens when you get a conflict between mods.

This is accompanied by the sound of wind gusts striking the aircraft when there is only light wind. It’s something new occurring. I believe these are related. But I’ll pull the community folder and see if anything changes. I have read elsewhere here or somewhere of a similar issue since the latest fix but I cant find it.

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Yeah, must have been mods. I have over a thousand in the folder. I guess I’ll not use mods anymore. The community folder idea is not so great when they are updating every month and wrecking mods. Having to go through every one monthly and see which is bad is a total pain. I have quite a few payware mods as well. Lesson learned. No more mods.

Use an addon linker to put what addons you want for each session into the sim.
This will allow you to keep all your addons out of the community folder, and you don’t have to get rid of them.
It also has the benefit of when you do use the sim and you have issues, you know its one of those you are using, so its not too hard to firgue out which one it is!

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There is a middle ground between “a thousand mods” and “no more mods”.

As someone said, addons linker can also help in that.

Things break not only because the sim gets updated, but also because mods aren’t perfect either, and mods don’t always get updated to follow the progress made in the SDK.


I have been having this issue for some time now, Lately in the SWS Kodiak. I get sudden Pull Up warnings annunciated in the PFD along with audible warnings when at safe altitude. I even hear touchdown sound effects of the landing gear! It’s like the sim thinks im very near the ground but I am not. I notice these warnings go away when i switch to external view but once back in the VC they resume and eventually lead to a crash to earth just as described in the OP. It has happened to be mostly in Live Weather but it also has happened with a weather preset. I have experienced this strange behavior in the JF Turbo Arrow and the default Asobo TBM.

I could not find much info on this issue in these forums which leads me to believe there is something going on unique to my setup just cant figure out why this is happening ? I do use Addon Linker to manage my mods but seeing as this is such a random thing it is hard to pinpoint what may be causing it.

Mods in general aren’t a problem.
100s of low-quality ‘weather improvement’ mods, Google Earth imports and FSX ports downloaded from shady sites often are.


I do not use any weather improvement mods quite satisfied with the Asobo Live Weather injection. And I do not use the Google Earth mod either.

What mods do you have installed? Maybe you can find a common factor with the topic author.

Yeah maybe the OP can chime in and advise on what mods they are using when the sudden crash to 0’ AGL happens. I generally use payware airport scenery and aircraft, navigraph, Shift-Z stats and Bijan seasons with all my flights.

Bijan’s seasons can be a problem in that only one can be installed at a time e.g. winter or summer, not both.

Yes I realize that and only have one season installed in the Community Folder at any given time.

I would suggest leaving one of your mods out for a few flights and swap them if the issue still persists.

“I even hear touchdown sound effects of the landing gear!”

I have experience this to on the JF piper arrow turbo lll. But I haven’t experience none of the issues of the Kodiak you mentioned at all.

I will do that and I will also keep track of where it happens. I have been having this issue before SU7 and when it happens it just ruins the flight experience.

Looks like I’m not the only one having this issue after all !

I will be watching this thread and suggest anyone else experiencing this issue to post here and identify what addons they were using when it happens.

Yeah, it slams me into the ground from 4000’. ha

I tried replacing the main mods I use. I’m using:

VFR Region 1/2
Bijan Trees all
MK Bridger all
VFR Map enhanced
Most of the USA/AK and Canada addons by Taburet, oil wells, US roads and rail clearing, smokestacks, cell towers etc (probably some conflict with VFR Region above)
gaist AI ships
gssimulation kneeboard
Rex global airport textures
SoOakCo Birds NE/Central
Several payware airports by MSFSSceneryBuilders
Dzrewicki Washington landmarks
Navy bases Groton and San Diego
Floyd’s Epic Clouds
a few water fixes by MisterCoffee

Using these, I have not had any ground slams, but I’m having X56 controller issues. Also Saitek pedals not working properly. If I go into the menu and mess with it a bit, it will work again. Once today, it forgot to work after working at first. I went into the menu and it worked again. Smh.

Controller problems persist even with the community folder emptied. I’ll keep testing with the above items in my folder and see if I get any more terrain problems.