Crazy cockpit render during flight

Hi all,

So I’m flying the Cessna Longitude in my updated STEAM version of MSFS. I use a CH Yoke, generic pedals and keyboard, nothing fancy. During flight I like to swith between the cockpit view and the outside camera, just to get a glimpse of what the outside is looking like, no crazy camera angles, nothing like that, just the plain outside. I assigned one the buttons in the yoke to do this camera switch, just a click. So for the second time, when switching between cameras, all of a sudden the cockpit becomes 3rd person like, no buttons, not controls, nothing, as if I’m in a perpetual slew mode. Things get even crazier when I do switch to the slew mode, because than I get two slews, I can navigate everywhere, but never the cockpit and its controls again. What did I do wrong??? The image is clear about it, my view is alltexture but nothing I can interact with. How do I come back to normal mode?

You can try a few things like cycling through exterior and interior view a couple of times to “jump start” the proper interior model.

Otherwise, you can only wait, eventually as you get closer to approach, the interior model will kick in and restores full functionality.

Well, this last time I was really in the middle of a 4 hour flight so, I wouldn’t risk two more hours of “blank” flight. Anyway, I paused the simulation and tried all the camera toggle controls, combinations of camera switches, in and out of this bizarre cockpit and nothing happened. When I unpaused the sim, switching modes made the speed go up and down really fast, to the point of reaching the aircraft limits, I’d end up crashing anyway. The other time it happened I flew longer in this situation, maybe 10 or 15 more minutes but nothing happened.

Yep… it happens to me quite often in the Longitude. As Neo4316 says, most of the time, all you can do is wait for things to come back to normal. I’ve found that cycling from exterior to interior views most of the time doesn’t fix things. Since this problem for me seems always to happen about the time ATC wants me to descend, I’ve resorted to mapping controller buttons to critical functions I need that are unavailable when the panel goes blank.