Crazy real world weather - New Zealand 17th July

A big polar blast is currently hitting New Zealand (28th & 28th June NZ time), with surface winds gusting between 40 and 50 knots, plenty of snow, rain bands and turbulence.

It is quite impressive to witness this recreated inside MSFS- I just tried flying the BN2 islander from NZNV to NZRC and had 41 knots headwind on short final, groundspeed 30 knots with massive down drafts!


Surface wind 172 degrees, 58 knots at NZWN at the moment! :eyes:

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Is this with the default live weather?

Affirm, worth checking out! :+1:

Over Wellington


Thanks for highlighting this! Quite the sporting conditions, this ANZ A320 did quite a sporty go-around just now! (From Flightradar24) The Jetstar behind it got in ok though, perhaps a windshear alert happened with the ANZ crew.

NZWN 282330Z AUTO 20035G49KT 3400 -RA HZ FEW015/// BKN020/// BKN025/// 06/04 Q1020 TEMPO 9999


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More wild weather in NZ today (17-07-21). Wind speeds of over 75 knots observed on approach into Wellington, with the current surface winds 350/30 gusting 50 knots!

It’s quite entertaining watching the autopilot struggle to maintain height and track in these conditions, although it does swing round to almost complete headwind component on approach for RWY 34. Once landed and shut down, the props still windmill in the breeze!

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