Crazy stutters when taking off, any plane any location

Just started after little to no problems, as i release parking brake i get 5-10 seconds of stutters as i accelerate away, like mini freeze & 8-10fps, once clear of runway/up to take off speed seems to get back to normal, but this is a huge part of the sim so very frustrating. In game settings seem the same, i played around with new cache slider but no difference. Anyone else had this come up?

regards Dominic.


True true…

I’ve notice basically if i’m on the ground i get these low FPS rates, once up its back to normal

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Try removing all Add-ons from the Community folder first.

Nothing in community folder, think i’ll try reinstall though, raised Zen desk but this will help while i wait. Thanks


Switch off your photogrametry !

I’m getting stutters again on approach to airports & have Photogrametry turned off, also photogrametry is only located at certain places and is not Worldwide so even with it enabled simmers should not be getting stutters all the time.

I’ll defo give it ago

So yes this worked, in terms of an impact to visuals its minimal, from what i understand only small areas are photogrametry ready so to speak, defo worked though so thanks.

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I’m getting this since the last update. On take off at around 40 knots severe stuttering, get to above 50 knots and its smooth, with no problems after that.
Turning off photogrametry stops it. Why? Must be a bug?
RTX 3080 i9 32gb Ram 350 Mbps internet.

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anyone else having these issues, May 2023??

any way of fixing them??

thank you all