Creaking, groaning, moaning.....not me, the airplane!

Just want to say I do like the fact that Asobo put in more sounds to help with the immersion, especially the creaking/groaning sound. However, I think its placement is a bit wrong. When turning corners while taxiing, you don’t get much of this sound. It is however very pronounced when there is a drastic change in grade or traveling of humps or lulls on the surface. Mainly from the suspension and fuselage flexing. Definitely get lots of groans and creaks in those areas on an airport.

I also request that if this sound is used as is without changing its placement, at least dial it down a bit. I have 293 hours of GA experience and never hear any airplane ranging from Cessna to Beechcraft sound like an unlubricated door swing open. It is way too loud, repeatable, and apparent for this to be “realistic”.

Sounds can add a lot of immersion that’s for sure. Taxing the IRIS Jabiru over grass really sold me on the plane. It makes a hell of a racket going over grass and it was so accurate.

The SportStar was a lot quieter though so it really aught to be tuned to each aircraft.