Create a small team to handle small "Quality Of Life" items, the low-hanging fruit

The idea would be for the Developers to triage the Wishlist to identify small, low effort, easy to implement “Quality Of Life” items. With the Developers identifying ones that they feel are “low-hanging fruit”, and pass them on to a small team of Programmers to focus on and handle. Perhaps a small QOL Team of maybe 3 to 5?

The QOL Team would focus on these, versus the heavies that we all know and love (CTD, VR, Weather, Traffic, ATC, Flight Model, Aerodynamics, Marketplace, WASM, DX12, Physics, Multiplayer, Rendering/Imaging, etc…

There are a lot of these small “Quality Of Life” items (I’m sure you can think of a few off the top of your head). Unfortunately, unless specifically targeted, these will be “too small to get to” by the main team… or so it seems. Without a specific focus, they will linger at the bottom of the list for a very long time.

Some of these QOL items impact our enjoyment of the Sim every time we use it. Some are just small UI changes. Touch points that we hit quite often, annoyances that when encountered make us wonder why they haven’t been tweaked yet.

I bet the Community (and users in general) would greatly appreciate movement on some of the small QOL items that have been gathering dust. The idea here being to target them and delegate them to a small team so the main team can continue to work on the heavies.

Thank you for considering this Wishlist request.

Michael Roberts
Baltimore, MD USA

For anyone curious, a lot of the quality-of-life Wishlist topics are catalogued under the tag #ux (“user experience”). Under that tag, you will find many of the little things, the gotchas, that bother people.


Some of the little small things drive people cracked the most.
The fact that we have issues with live weather and ATC doesn’t come anywhere close to bothering me as much as VNAV not working properly on the stock A320.

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Wow! I didn’t realize that there was a tag for these… and that there are so many. Thank you for the info/link.

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No problem!
I should clarify that things tagged #ux are not all gotchas. They are anything having to do with user experience. But a subset of those are those little gotchas that bother people.

This would be fantastic. I’ve been waiting I think nearly a year now for the broken camera mode keybindings to be fixed (Toggle Landing Mode, etc). That kind of stuff really needs to cut through and shouldn’t be hard.

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