Create "drive through" parking to enhance immersion at airports

It appears largely this sim is a copy and paste regarding the flow of traffic and structure of AI routes, etc. To improve on this, it would be more immersive and possibly performance improving if certain parking spots are designed as a drive-through parking. This way the sim doesn’t have to place a push back crew at every spot and also improve problems where an airport actually has parking like this and the push back parking causes traffic jams and unintended collisions. This would be great for 3rd party developers to utilize or anyone who wishes to alter their own airports.

Yes I know, you can drive right through them, but that immediately kills the immersion right from the start of the sim. If you further make parking spots custom to the needs then this can be avoided and creates more possibilities for the GA world, the same as the airliner spots.

I think the title is a bit wrong. :wink:

I support this idea. :slight_smile:

For the devs, this is what he’s talking about: Google Maps

I’m not sure, but I think the lines are already drawn like this. But it would indeed be good if this is the expected behavior. The AI should use it this way.

I’d also like to see this:
Google Maps

This is another solution by airports to avoid needing a push back truck.

How it works:

I know there is a better video of this out there showing the marshall, but I can’t find it.

Basically he will ask you to come closer as in a normal spot and then ask you to turn.
There are versions where you stop turning after 45° (video example) and then there are versions where you stop turning after 135° (google earth example) (so your tail is backwards at 45°).

Sometimes these turning spots are combined with a straight parking so the airline can choose.

It’d be really cool to see AI use these two parking types correctly, and have a person guide you into position for the second type.

Yes, that’s what I meant, the title was meant to be said like, when placing or creating a parking spot, to have it built like a drive-through location or have the option to block any push back ability. It doesn’t even really need to be marked with a centerline to continue on. There are many airports with parking on ramps that utilize this. Simply because it’s illogical to have 10 tugs to push what… 20 airplanes? I’ve never witnessed such an operation. Pushing is normally a gate or hangar movement. It’s just not that realistic for GA to constantly park and push back.

In the meantime the addon Pushback Helper - available at - gets the ground crew guy to actually do useful work. It’s amazing to me that it took a modder to fix this issue; an issue that should have never made it through alpha or beta.

@SandBass892502, I re-titled your thread in hopes of drawing attention to your intent.

Ah thank you. Much appreciated.

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Just to be clear here, my point is that some places, we don’t need a push-back. Having this implemented will help performance in a small way since the drawing of models for tugs and personnel won’t be necessary for departure. It would still be wise to have the guideman there for parking/arrival, but maybe have a timeout of five minutes after the stop signal or animation was done, the guide man despawns.

Ah thank you. Much appreciated! :grinning: