Create Your Own Bush Trips - BushTripInjector [ - last update Feb 7th, 2023]

A new version was made available just in time for the weekend.

Now you can also add images from Wikipedia to your mission within BushTripInjector. Please note the license terms of the creator and follow them before you publish a trip that contains images or text from Wikipedia.

Also included are a few suggestions from users, e.g. deleting images and some minor visual corrections. As always, some improvements have been made for Steam and the internal logging has been enhanced.

One more thing:

A small changelog, but a big feature:
Now you can create 3D briefing images with BushTripInjector assistance guided. BTI takes you with one click to a position in the simulator that allows you to take pictures with the camera of your choice.

Simply press the Print Screen button and the image will be saved in BTI. Then you can move on to the next leg with a simple click.

Now available on As always, the link can be found in the first post.

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I just tried this, what a cool feature. I like this, I really like this. I haven’t seen this on any other Bush Trip Generaotr.

Do you see any possibility to choose the direction to the airport or the distance more freely? At some airports I would kind of like to be on the other side of the track or at a different viewing angle.

Many, many thanks for the great app.

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Thank you very much. Of course, this will come in one of the next updates to choose altitude, heading and distance to the airport for the 3D Images…

A new update is available, link in the first post:

Some feature was added due to requests from the community:

  • select the amount of fuel at the starting airport
  • start at the first airport Cold&Dark
  • start of the first leg at a park position, when set in LNM
  • up to 10 loading tips are now possible

Fixed a problem when multiple Wikipedia entries are selected

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A new major beta release is now online, try it out!

Let the co-pilot talk to you:
A feature has been added to receive voice announcements at any position. Independent of waypoints or airports. Simply define an airspace where the announcement should be made.

Go to the worldmap, move and zoom the map so that only the desired airspace is visible and press
the “Add Text to speech” button. Enter a short name, your announcement text and select the altitude of the airspace above ground.

It’s up to you if you want to add information about the flight or if you want to describe sights of the area. Be inventive!

Next development step: Play “Highway to hell” when following a highway. Ok, not really, but playing recorded sound files at arbitrarily definable points is planned for then next version.

As always, the link can be found in the first post.


Maybe someone here can help me with this regarding saving bush trip mission flights.

I’m writing a mission on my own I’m happy to share once it’s ready to go.
I found out that those bush trip missions (with legs), when you exit the flight, they are saved automatically and you can pick off where you left.

On the other hand, those landing challenges (also saved flights with a mission file) can’t be saved. When you leave the flight challenge to have to start over.

Did anyone figure out what enables the mission flights to be able to be saved automatically on exit?
Thank you.

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Awesome! I have been waiting for something like this. Tested it out and it works great.
Is there a possibility in a future release of showing the “trigger points” graphically on the map?

Yes, of course. It is on the list for some GUI optimizations.

Now there is even more for the ears:

Own soundfiles are now also possible, as well as text-to-speech when flying in or out of the area defined by you. This can now be raised and rotated in all 3 axes.

Link to the current BushTripInjector as always in the first post.

The MSFS only seems to support WAV files, but they can be large. Tested with a 4 minute song with 40MB WAV file.

I will need to check out what you have done … It sounds amazing.

I just hope my braincell doesn’t overload …

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When approaching East Midlands Airport:

Steve Bloomer’s Watchin’,

Helping them fight,

Guiding our heroes,

In the black and the white.


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A small intermediate release (v0.3.2): Due to a bug, the rectangles for flying in and out were not always recognized correctly by the sim.

As a result, I was now able to unlock the one-click feature for generating text-to-speech from the waypoint texts (incl. wikipedia). Of course you can decide for each waypoint if you want to use text-to-speech or not.

I have the same issue, when I finish leg1 and go out, after I must start again the trip. With default bush trips I think that is possible to continue where you left it.


If I understood you correctly, you don’t have a problem with BushTripInjector, but a question about creating different mission by yourself.

I have now investigated this a bit and talked to some other guys. We haven’t really found a conclusive solution or answer either.
The guys believe, think, suspect it depends on the type of mission and there are no properties or attributes for it.

Hi Spark,

I need some more information to investigate your issue with BushTripInjector. I’ve send you a PM.


That is correct. I have created my own mission and was able to add it successfully to the bushtrip.
However, when I exit my mission (AirlinersEnv) in the middle it does not get saved. When I revisit my mission it starts from the beginning. The difference between my mission and the other bush trip missions is that I don’t use any legs. But I’m not sure this is the reason.
I looked into the .Flt files to find any hints with no success.

Maybe I missed something. I just noticed that the landing challenges can’t be saved either.

Here is a screenshot of my mission in the bush trip.
There is a little bit more about my mission here:

Ok, so it is not the MissionType. When I look at the saved missions, a directory is created for each leg. So it could be that there are complete legs (departure and destination airports). This would also be the difference to the landing challenges.

You could add a leg for testing, then we see if it is really because of that.

I can also offer you to take a look at your PackageSource. If you want to do this, send me a PM

That is a great hint.
Can you tell me where those “leg” directories exactly are created for each leg? Because I could not find them in the mission folder within the community folder (unless I missed something).

Also, it seems when saving a mission flight with legs at any point of flight it picks it up right there where left when loaded again, not just at the completed legs. If that is what you might mean.

The thing is I had removed all legs from a mission xml file (from someone else) that had worked saving flights. And with that almost empty mission file would still save the flight. So I suspected it must be somewhere in the .flt file and not the mission xml file.

I’m not at my flightsim computer right now but I can post a screenshot of my PackageSource later.

Thank you so much for looking into this.

Of course, in the FLT file are the Legs and waypoints, too. Only removing from XML is only half of the way.
And I don’t want to see a screenshot of your PackesSource, I need the content of this to have a deeper look into the content of the xml, flt, pln, …

Saved mission are located for

STEAM (for most regions of the world):
%APPDATA%\Microsoft Flight Simulator\MISSIONS\ACTIVITIES\

There you find something like this:
│ └───BCKP

In each folder are FLT files with the leg only, a compiled XML (SPB) and a (binary) FSSAVE.