Create Your Own Bush Trips - BushTripInjector [v0.8.6.1246 - last update June 6th]

You want more Bush Trips?
You want better Bush Trips?
You want your own Bush Trips?
You want Bush Trips with just a few clicks?
You want a new bush trip in 15 minutes?

Here we go!

BushTripInjector is in open beta now (Nov.28th 2020).
Create a quality bush trip in minutes with just a few clicks.
Use automatically generated instructions or customize them to your needs.

All you need is

  • Microsoft Flightsimulator (of course)
  • Bush Trip Injector
  • LittleNavMap

What you do not need

  • SDK
  • Programming experience
  • XML knowledge
  • complicated and complex editors
  • no development mode

How does this work?

  1. create your flight plan from airfield to airfield with LittleNavMap
  2. add waypoints (POI) into the flighplan and enter its names and how to find it by VFR.
  3. save the flight plan
  4. load the flight plan in Bush Trip Injector
  5. press the “Generate Bush Trip” button
  6. wait a few moments until the bush trip is generated.
  7. start the flight simulator and enjoy your own bush trip.

Please contact me here via PM or on the MS-Discord Server.

A few impressions of the current state of development:

Download now and test it

Your feedback is welcome.


Many thanks to the beta testers, it is a pleasure to work with you.

I think the open beta can start this weekend, next week at the latest, but I still miss some steam users with different installation paths of MSFS who want to participate in the closed beta. Please contact me.

Currently supported combinations including automatic creation and integration into the Flightsimulator:

Installed SDK:

  • all versions

Without SDK:

  • Insider
  • DVD version
  • Gamepass/Store Version

A few new features:

  • Creating the images for the landing airports based on the airport sizes in FS.
  • automatic integration into the community folder (optional)
  • automatic deletion of saved missions after changes (optional)
  • Magnetic declination in subleg texts (optional)
  • Fastlaunch of the FS (optional)
  • and many, many little things

The download for the open beta is now available, see the link in first post.

A teaser for a mission created with BushTripInjector can be found here:

Many thanks for the great tool. It allows me to create really good trips without having to worry about coordinates or stuff like that. Or to spend a lot of time to create the pictures.
The overview pictures would be better if they were a bit tilted but the pictures in the nav-log are great for that.
With the automatically generated texts, if you forgot to describe a waypoint, other alternatives would be nice, but I can overwrite them.

What does the T and the M behind the heading actually mean?For example “To reach POI7, follow heading East (88T) (95M) for 77nm”? In the game it shows me 95° in the nav log.

It’s really fun to fly the created tours and navigate through the view of the landscape. I hope for further updates and extensions.

Thank you very much…

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Thanks for feedback.

The true and magnetic course is shown in the beta-version only. Explanation at Wikipedia:
Magnetic declination - Wikipedia

It’s nice that you like the way the images are generated. I’m working on the 3D images right now, but the used control is not stable enough, so I have to stay with the 2D settings for now.

With the new beta version released yesterday you can easily assign your own screenshots and images to the landing images, briefing images and also waypoints. You can create images for the waypoints directly in the BushTripInjector and they will be assigned to the waypoint automatically. Here is a Nav-Log example for a waypoint with image:

The link to the current beta version can be found in the first post.

Hi @BuffyGC,

When I first opened the BTI app my Norton AV flagged and quarantined it, but that’s only because Norton doesn’t yet have a reputation rating for it, that will be built up over time as more people use it, so that issue will go away over time.

I’ve got the Steam version installed on a separate dedicated NVMe drive; my sim installation path is:

I:\Steam Install Files\steamapps\common\MicrosoftFlightSimulator\FlightSimulator.exe

When I opened the BTI app for the first time it didn’t automatically find the installation path of the SDK fspackagetool.exe, only after opening the app as an administrator did it find the path correctly.

As you can see in the image below, it’s showing it can’t find the MSFS Base Folder, and I can’t find any option to point BTI to the correct path.

The app does look very promising though, looking forward to giving it a proper test. :+1:

Hi, this is realy great. But I have only one question. Is there posibility to add to bush trips real live weather? In prewious version of your program I was unable to figure it out how to do it… Thanks and once again. Great app.

Thank you very much for your response.

Wondering a little bit about Norton because I’m running Norton360, too.

About the MSFS Path - meaning the content path where community and official is located - I’m looking for the UserOpt.cfg to read out the path to avoid confusing with finding the correct one, I love steam :).
I will add an user choice for this in an upcoming version. [Edit: done in current dev branch] Thanks.

The SDK Path needs to be selected if auto-detection is not working.

that’s on the list for one of the next features. First preselect weather presets incl. live weather (maybe until end of the week, depends on real life things) and later a full weather editor you can define your own weather layers and winds like inside the sim.

Thanks for feedback.

The same problem here. I have instaled steam version.on different drive. App can not find flight sim…

All apologies to Steam Users. A new version with better steam detection was published a couple of minutes ago. See the link in the opening posting.


  • BUGFIX: Detecting of Steam Version extented, but maybe not all :wink:
  • FEATURE All Aircrafts of MSFS are selectable. Be aware of the Deluxe and Premium Deluxe Aircrafts.
    Users without those content will not see the Bushtrip. Thanks to FlavorFlav365
  • UI some UI changes, Thanks to FlavorFlav365
  • UI some typos
  • MAINTENANCE: modified some airport elevations, airport sizes, magnetic declinations, …
  • internal: Logging implemented
  • DOC: Updated QuickStartGuide.

Every feedback is welcome.

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Fantastic, it now correctly detects the simulator for me (Steam version, installed in default directory on C)

Happy to hear this, thank you for feedback.

Thx for your help in the last two days, cant wait for the new version. Hopefully, this was the last time your favorite program (STEAM) intervened. :wink:

I have just released a new update.

Mainly the support of Steam has been improved. It is now possible to compile the created trips directly via Steam without SDK. This bypasses the current bug in the interaction between FSPackager and Steam.

As usual: The link to the current BushTripInjector can be found in the link of the first posting.

Please note the QuickStartGuide included in the download.

Hi, the program does Not find the saved Flight. I looked all over for the LFM format but its nowhere in my system…where does it place it?

Hi, I found the problem mentioned above. I did not have the latest LFM version. Once I downloaded it, the tool Almost worked. I made a flight plan, filled the fields, added some pics and compilet. It shot one error with no description. Fired up the sim and Nothing, no mission at all!. I did check in the upload section and found under the missions folder one “Custom Flight” with the date and time stamp, but it just opened the departure airport…Something went really wrong, the tool needs to grow more I guess.

A new update is available via the link in the first posting:

  • Load the user airplanes and liveries from the community folder for use as BushTrip aircraft. Attention: If the user has not installed the Livery/Aircraft, the Bushtrip will not be available in the simulator.
  • Setting tail number, callsign, flight number and the heavy option are now available
  • same procedure as every release: Some Steam improvements
  • Choose the runway from the available runways for the departure airport
  • calculate centerline heading for departure airport/runway
  • If no departure runway is set, determine the coordinates, altitude, position and centerline for the departure from simulator data
  • QuickstartGuide modified for new functions

The runway detection and handling should now solve a problem that the BushTrip does not work correctly in the simulator (VFR-Map, Routing)

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A new version is online. Added the possibility to set the weather: Live weather, one of the simulator’s presets, or your own weather you have defined.

Also fixed a bug that prevented the images from being generated after changing the project name.

Link in the first post, as always.

A new update is available, this time a major release with some new features and user requests:

  • Wikipedia Integration: append waypoint information with nearby Wikipedia articles
  • remove/merge duplicate airports for combined LNM flight plans
  • Open ProjectFolder, ImageFolder, CompiledPackageFolder, CommunityFolder, SavedMissionFolder from Menu bar
  • Start MSFS from Menu bar
  • Color selection for flight plan
  • up to 676 legs instead of 52, however, I don’t know the limit of the sim
  • up to 9999 unnamed waypoints instead of 999, however, I don’t know the limit of the sim

and some bugfixes and steam improvements.

You’ll find the link to BushTripInjector in the first post, as always.

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