Creating a city tour in MSFS 2020

I’m looking to create a tour of Dubai as I recently purchased the Orbx Landmarks Dubai City Pack. I’m looking for guidance on how I would go about creating such a tour that takes in all the Orbx landmarks/points of interest and adding several of my own.

I plan to use the World Map for this as that’s the only tool I know. I’ll be selecting the same departure and destination airport (OMDB) and add numerous waypoints, with something like Google Maps open on my iPad to locate the exact positions of the POIs.

Then I plan to save the tour as a flight plan so I can load it in the future and fly it. It’ll be for small aircraft like the Cessna 172.

Is this the correct way to create such a tour? Any help/advice much appreciated!

you can export flight plans you make from the world map (option in the bottom bar). It might be better though to download LittleNavMap and create the route from there. It’s way more flexible.


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