Creating Content for Community Folder (Liveries)

Is there an official tutorial to guide us how to create a livery package and add new liveries to msfs?

Yes, I have seen the mega pack. Yes I have seen the Revyn112 guide. Yes, I have tried this, but the aircraft I really would like to paint at the moment all seem to have the line (“DRMProtection”: true,) in the manifest.json

More than that, they all seem to be set for “Premium” and “Deluxe” content. I could have saved a lot of money by not purchasing content I cannot use. But as Asobo seemed to promise, repainting was supposed and promised to be easier so there must be an Asobo recommended way to recreate authentic liveries and not be stuck with the given liveries.

I know, too, that this has been discussed many, many times and every update to the sim requires us to unload community content before updating. If we keep our “favourite” liveries, more often than not they cause the market place and content managers to freeze or cause CTDs or lock the game.

Look, I understand DRM. Heavens, I hate piracy! but we cant even create fictional liveries outside the dictats of the msfs/Asobo system without causing some kind of snarl up.

Moderators, please, if you are on the payroll and not just members here, please try to understand and give us an official Asobo answer to this dilemma. It’s not just me. Every user who wants to create content is affected.

I have also used zendesk for this and I have tried to find a direct mail link with Asobo, but I never see real replies from humans.

Hiya Eagle. I am a ‘modder’ and have created many many liveries and custom scenes. Never had a single issue. Not sure what kind of issues you are having but its not the game alone.
I have bought from the market, created my own and downloaded free 3rd party stuff from other sites. Never had a problem.
Sorry mate… good luck