Creating custom liveries

So did you change the date to today’s date? And are you using the AI texture folder as a template or the standard user aircraft one?

I did change the date on the first try, but then i kept on replacing the texture without editing the dates, so it seems fine.
What I concluded is that most important things for the sim to read the texture is the layouts.json file, and to load the livery edit the aircraft.cfg.
i also used the regular texture folder and not the AI’s, copied ALL the contents into the new texture.sva in my case.

also note, when you add a new variation to the aircraft.cfg you need to restart the sim, and new liveries take time to load, they will appear blank but there will be an empty slot in the liveries.
after its loads simply switching between liveries will cause the textures to reload (no need to restart the sim)

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That looks amazing

It would be awesome if someone could make a video tutorial on how to create liveries for the unexperienced such as me xD


I wonder how it will work with putting liveries in the community folder then instead of modifying original files because im afraid modifying original json files is going to mess with the updates, since everything runs through the content manager one minor change can cause it to mismatch server side causing it to refuse an update so yeah how will we do it placing custom liveries in through the community folder that doesnt break the official files.

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Very nice shot by the way :grin:

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cool I will try to edit this json file and then share my textures :blush:

Those are the ones:


You are doing gods work. Thank you so much for your work


OMG Please I beg you give me links to download this xD


absolutely awesome! I’d love to see your files to help me get my head around the layout of the textures


I can write a simple guide.


Plz upload them i will be glad if you can do the textures uploads :smiley:

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you’ve been pumping them out, im still trying to get a straight line to go across the fuselage…
great job! btw which texture file uses the tail? i could only find the tail background


I’m currently working on a guide on how to edit the layout.jason and aircraft.cfg files to make in game selectable liveries. I would be glad if you could take a look at it.

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Yes please, whenever you get a chance :+1: :+1:



Like i said just a heads up that modifying official json files can cause a problem getting updates, just so you all are aware use at own risk. The purpose of the community folder is ment to use for liveries, scenery, and other addons. So thee has to be a path option to use that

please do it i find that hard to edit the liveries

“Air Kiribati” !

Nice, this is the plane a took to come back to France from my vacation last Monday ! ^^


After just installing 3 custom airports into the Community folder I can say that must indeed be the way to also add liveries, just need to figure out how it works. Maybe one of you guys that already made scenery can experiment with it and see what you can come up with. To see a bit how pathing goes for scenery take a look at the 3 airfields

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Awesome Liveries! Add IndiGo also please! :grinning:

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