Creating photorealistic scenery? YLTV

Hey all, I’m considering creating scenery for my local regional airport and was wondering if there was any tutorials around to help with what I’m looking to achieve.

I’m looking at creating more accurate scenery for the Latrobe Valley area (YLTV). Theres VFR landmarks around the area that are important, and am wanting to make the surrounding area more accurate. Theres no photogrammetry for this area, so I’m not sure what the process would be. But I’d like to make the scenery surrounding the airport more accurate, and then eventually work on making the airport itself more accurate.

I have no idea where to start regarding this. Finding tutorials on airport creation is vast, but on making the surrounding area I’m not too sure,

If you have advice please do let me know, I really appreciate it!

Something like this, perhaps? It’s mostly about airports but does cover creating terrain DEM as well.

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