Cristo Rei and bridge - Lisbon, Portugal

I think that you should check “Cristo Rei” statue and “25 de abril” bridge in Lisbon, Portugal.
Nothing accurate to the reality.


Bridges have always been a problem in flight sims. You’re not alone on this it is the same in many places. Things will improve.

Welcome aboard.

Yeah, the current autogen system just doesn’t do bridges well–you only see good bridges in photogrammetry or hand-made areas. This is something you should really nag Zendesk about. I know I do :slight_smile:

Yes, too bad our iconic bridge and cristo rei statue are not properly modeled. One can hope for an add-on? I don’t think asobo will focus on my beautiful hometown too much… :confused:

That said, it’s quite nice to fly along the south shore in algarve :slight_smile:

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Just flew out of Lisbon this morning but the weather was so bad I coulnd’t see any landmarks (live weather). Seems like I didn’t miss much; too bad the bridge and the statue are missing!
They’re mythical landmarks!


I agree. The 25 of April bridge and cristo rei statue are missing. An update definitely needs to occur for portugal. Spain could probably be worked as well during the update