Just downloaded this A/C and not too pleased. Engine throttles 1 and 2 do not work with my honeycomb throttle quad. Only throttle 1 will move both throttles in game. The throttle axis needs to be adjusted. is there even a fuel cuttoff. unable to shut engines down. When mouse arrow hovers over and clickable control it locks out and aircraft movement like brakes, pitch, roll etc… please update this plane. If this is the wrong place to report all these please let me know where to go.


Regarding throttles, have you calibrated your throttles in the EFB and selected dual axis?


The fuel cutoff is the red handled lever below each throttle.
You need to click the red lever and pull the throttle fully rear if I remember correctly.
As mentioned above, ensure your throttle is set up correctly in the EFB.
It does have an issue with the center click on the AP knobs, but other than that it is a really nice aircraft.

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The efb was dark so I thought it was inop. I’ll definitely look into that.

Maybe reword the first post a bit… This plane is as good as the other CRJs (500/700). So the issue is more on your side and you’re now blaming a developer for the issues. I fly it without any issues, and it is just a piece of art.


The CRJ family of planes comes with very detailed manuals.
Reading them (or at least flipping thru them) helps quite a bit…


And even some good Youtube tutorials as well: Come Fly With Me - a tutorial series about the Aerosoft CRJ for MSFS by The Dude - YouTube

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No offense, but for a complex plane like this, it doesnt hurt to read the manual. :wink:

The whole CRJ family is a joy to fly and i enjoy it very much and i have no of all the “issues” you mention.
It has a learning courve and you need to calibrate it correctly. Its not a load up and fire plane, it needs some preparation.

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Also, Jan update made the honeycomb throttle quad having issues. Workaround delete the axis binding, restart, sim and rebind axis. Make sure you also calibrate on the Ipad in the cockpit. Another issue is AP does not engage (not due to yaw damper, don’t reply to this), looking into issues. Asobo love to brake things that was working.

Relax people. I do have a right to an opinion. I said I will check the efb. I thought it was inop.

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If you haven’t figured it out, just click on it.
It will power up then.

I will be making a flight in a bit. 1st thing to do is pwr EFB. 1 question, where are the manuals or do I have to download them. I never ever think about manuals when I download an aircraft. Hopefully when I get the aircraft dialed in I will have a change of heart.

see you all in the skies

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If this is your first flight in the CRJ I don’t rate your chances of success very highly without reading the manuals (you should have got them as part of the download) or alternatively watching a tutorial video.
I’m also quite lazy and only consult manuals as a last resort.
I started my first flight after watching FilbertFlies “How to fly a simple flight” and can definitely recommend it if you’re looking for a quick start.

The manuals are located in the folder with the rest of the aircraft. Probably in your Community folder or where you have it installed. I also strongly advise you fly the practice flight as explained in the manuals to understand this aircraft.

found them all, thanks