CRJ 500/700 GS indicator on approach

I just realized on my last couple approaches that the glideslope indicator was not turning green on my approach. The localizer was successfully intercepted and showed the solid green LOC and I had my NAV source switched to VOR1. When I intercepted the glideslope altitude the plane pitched down and maintained the glidepath decently well, but the whole time the GS was white rather than green. I don’t recall this being the case till just recently. Anyone else experience this?

No, made some ILS approaches at EBBR yesterday, both GS & LOC indicator turn green when intercepted

Are you sure it was a full ILS though? It might have been only a localizer (in green) with then the VNAV descent path showing in white. It’s a white “asterix symbol” instead of a green diamond.

In both of the recent cases (KSFO ILS 28L and KSLC ILS 16R) they are both full ILS. As I intercepted, it was green diamond for both, and not the white snowflake/asterisk. Its weird that its automatically following the vertical guidance but not saying it is.

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I’m not aware of an aircraft which can display a mix of an ILS and a RNAV approach.

I think it’s a bug as I had it yesterday myself, flying into Stornoway LOC36.

Definitely looking more and more like a bug. I just flew the same approach into KSFO ILS 28L and the GS captured this time and turned green as it did so. From what I can recall, nothing was done different this time.