Crj 900-1000

if somebody useusing Aerosoft crj 900-1000 . I have a question! does Aerosoft managed and fixed CRJ to read an MSFS Flight plan as well or you still have to creat it on Simbrief flightplan and import it into MSFS?

I know there wasn’t any Possibilities to use Flight Plan from Microsoft flight simulator 2020 for CRJ 500-700 before.

what about now?

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Supposedly nothing has changed in the avionics or the cockpit. It’s exactly the same, with the same features and limitations.


Get a SimBrief account, my flying friend.


I went into my SimBrief after not flying the CRJ for months after I got the CRJ9 update. It’s changed, has them wanting me to subscribe for some charting stuff, and when I don’t it says my charts are not current.

I found that the only way to fly CRJ is to just program the CDU, which for 10 dollars they have a CDU ap, which makes it easier with ipad or phone…

Anyway to get sim brief to work with the included chart, not really concerned with latest updates of any SIDS and STARs, as the existing ones are fine for home use…. Rather not pay 89.00 for some computer game chart especially when the MSFS ones work fine on all the other planes for me…

I haven’t seen any fixes on the 9 or 1000 crj. It’s says compatible with honeycomb but still doesn’t use msfs key bindings so can’t assign alt button to anything without having to pay more money for a 3rd party app to do so. Honestly I regret buying thinking anything was updated. Still won’t transfer your flight plan from the home screen. Standard baro button doesn’t work, lock heading button doesn’t work, can’t get squawk code to read for ATC plus a few others. I’m having a hard time understanding why you design a plane for msfs but then don’t make it integrated with msfs’s way of binding keys. If anyone knows something I don’t like planed update to fix let me know. Love the plane otherwise just frustrated.

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