CRJ 900 Erratic Operation

Just installed the CRJ 900. Aircraft not tracking on GPS, can’t maintain speed or altitude. Is this fixable or was this a bad purchase on my part? Would appreciate any advice or help in solving these problems.

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Have you flown the CRJ before? Do you have auto throttle on? Did you do the entire tutorial flight, which explains how to use all the systems very well?

It works just fine for me (except a few annoyances that need to be fixed). You should watch tutorial videos.

There is no autothrottle in the Aerosoft CRJ.

You know that and I know that but did he know that? Thanks to you we will never know. Great job. I’m out. You can help him now.

Thanks for your response. Tutorials and autothrottel are not the problem. “flyin” by the book. Controls are not responsive. Been simming for quite awhile an haven’t experienced this problem. Other possible fixes would be appreciated.

Make sure you are on the correct NAV source, FMS1 should keep your LNAV operable.

Alt holds are working fine on my end. Just engage speed mode or V/S and it should work.

a bit strange. I fly all 4 variants without any problems at all. Recently been flying the 900 and 1000…just wondering what your specific problem is with it. Power or weight?
No - not a bad purchase…there must be somehting else going on here…

You sound like just like a younger me about a year ago…

Tried this new plane for a brief hour literally when it first came out, tried to fly it like I fly the A32nx… got angry because the “auto-throttle” wouldn’t work, wouldn’t fly my flightplan from ‘world map’ couldn’t add in the flightplan automatically in the fms like the A32nx, ATC wouldn’t clear me and that was it for almost a year…

Wow its amazing what a youtube vid from flyfilbert with a real world CRJ pilot and a cast capable tv… Trainer wheels for a couple of flights got reduced to one, then I was flying solo… you will love it mate!!

Like driving a modernish manual car

I flew her fir the first time in over six months after a few said it was unflyable… She works exactly like I’ve been taught from real world pilots on youtube and Im a flight sim fantaitic but nowhere near the level most here are on… Only just learnt VOR stuff…

Get on youtube and start learning!!! Don’t let an expensive aircraft gather dust for the next six months