CRJ Approach Mode Issue

I’m having a problem on ILS approaches. Heading towards runway to intercept GS and LOC at proper altitude. In NAV / ALT with APPR armed, it picks up the LOC. At that point NAV/ALT kicks off and the plane starts descending even though I haven’t captured the GS (no, I’m not above the GS either).

I have to hand fly to get back to my correct altitude, typically 3,000’). At which point, I can usually re-engage APPR mode and both GS and LOC will be captured.

What am I doing wrong here? Used to have no issues.

The only thing that comes to mind is to make sure you switch nav source before the initial fix. Apologies if that’s stating the obvious. Also you didn’t mention what version but I’ve noticed the CRJ will slow down very rapidly when fully configured, flaps 45 gear down. It’s easy to get too slow very quickly and requires a lot of power fully configured. Perhaps the plane is sinking a bit at a super high AoA because the auto pilot is trying to stay level but doesn’t have enough power. Just make sure you keep a lot of power in when you are fully configured to land and watch the speed closely. It could of course be a bug (I had an issue with the CRJ7 descending through the glide slope when it was initially released but that has been fixed for months). I’m loving the 900/1000 but I’ve caught myself getting too slow on approach a few times now.


@StewartLapp great observation. I noticed my approaches have been slower in the CRJ9 as well. I think in my case I was deploying the flaps too early. Any tips as to when to dump?

You might have a point, power management is a challenge in this jet (I’m flying the CRJ7). I did get pretty slow at that time but even after going to climb power, the jet was still descending. With regard to switching NAV source, I thought the FMS automatically tuned the ILS? The jet captured the localizer. So I assume I had the right frequency tuned in.

I keep this handy all the time. With time and repetition, you won’t need it anymore :slight_smile:


I find the CRJ ILS works just fine so long as: 1. The Nav source is changed to LOC. 2. The intercept is done at a shallow angle at proper speed (see tablet) 3. The aircraft is in a stable approach configuration. You will need to keep close watch on the airspeed with hand on throttle.

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I thought the FMS auto tuned the frequencies? Do I have to manually enter the ILS freq during the preflight? Why LOC 2 instead of LOC 1?

It does it automatically.

He didn’t say LOC 2, you’re confusing it with point 2 in his list.

LOL… Sorry about that. In retrospect, that was pretty obvious.

Great picture! I really like the 900 but have a few questions, maybe someone can explain?

  • How does the reverse throttles work when landing? I have tried to arm them and also set values in the calibration dialog but they never seems to engage?
  • Pressing the HDR knob does not set the heading indicator to the current heading?
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Weird. Unless the new variant has a bug, you should be able to get it via the throttle calibration program.

  • Regarding the heading sync, try to right-click on it first then left-click to push it.

  • The Reverse throttle works for me but it doesn’t seem to VISUALLY show that it’s set when looking at the throttle. I have the calibration at default settings with reverse active on the flypad calibration page.

Don’t feel bad, I did the same thing reading through it the first time :stuck_out_tongue:

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That worked! Strange! Thanks!

I also got the reverse thrust working by removing it completely from the calibration settings and instead added a button to the DECREASE THROTTLE function, this is also a bit strange.

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