CRJ bug both engines runs on starter when entering cockpit

Aerosoft CRJ
Both engines runs on starters when entering cockpit. (N2 rise to 25%)
Both throttles are in idle . Placing in cutoff - engines N2 drops to 00.

Too bad I have to shorten the video. Full length show everything from entering cockpit - Spool down after setting throttles to cutoff - no bleed avail - the throttle range is correct with no errors.
I will enter full video in FB MSFS

Set your default starting state on the EFB to the left. Aircraft tab.

I doubt this is the cause of the bug.
Then many other would experience it.
It happens in all state - except starting at runway ready to go.
Even in C&D and save - the same occur when loading a new flight, Throttles idle - engines crank up with no bleed.

It’s not a bug. You are loading into the state called “Ready for Taxi”. If you wait a minute or so, the engines will start up and everything will come alive. This is normal. If you don’t want to start this way, you can change the default startup using the EFB. I use “Turnaround”.

Remember, to change the default state, you have to actually change the setting in the bottom right of the Aircraft tab. Try it!

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I was able save C&D as default.
Jumping to other states works as intended…
Bug or not - happy now