CRJ by Aerosoft releasing March 16

Looks like Rudder Axis Left/Right do not work with the CRJ. This is causing issues with my joystick ever since the standard Rudder Axis stopped working for me.

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Solution to the throttle issue:

Please make sure you assign the throttle axes to “THROTTLE n AXIS” and not to “THROTTLE n AXIS (0-100%)”. I’ve been using the TCA throttle during most of the development, so I’m 100% sure it works.

It’s worth it.


Hello All,
I purchased the CRJ through the marketplace. Download / Install no problem.
The expected delay before sim was ready to fly. (was about 5 minutes for my older system)
Having same issues as mentioned above using Honeycomb Bravo Throttle.

I’m trying to locate the MANUALS for the CRJ.

I searched through COMMUNITY folder - nothing new there.
In SimObjects - CRJ - no PDF files there either…

Any ideas where I should look??


Here we goooo.

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There is a PDF guide specific to the Honeycomb that may help users. Here is a post that discusses that. I don’t have a honeycomb, but hopefully it helps.


Mine is broken, my displays are displaying nothing when powerd on

It’s looking great so far! My quick VR test also went well - everything I tried so far was clickable and I didn’t have FPS issues! I’m hopeful but will need to test more later.

Want to get it so badly but will probably hold off for now.I am getting too many low fps drops and its happening the routes I want to fly it,Atlanta,LAX,LAS,NYC


Couple places for these. Should be in your community folder under “Community\aerosoft-crj\Data\Documentation” or you can download them from this link.

Edit: Folder / directory for manuals may be slightly different (official/onestore/aerosoft-crj) - as @gordongreig pointed out below.



Does anyoune manged to get “Hold reverse thrust” button to work? CRJ just does not recognise this bind for my X52 Pro.

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Did you leave it for 10mins on the first load?

Well, you need a faster CPU. There is no faster CPU? Okay, what about more cores? More cores do not help with MSFS 2020? Okay, I am out of suggestions. But, wait, there is an idea: if you “dumb down” - a nice Asobo expression - your graphics settings to P3D level, you can fly your MSFS 2020 CRJ as you can do in P3D. What, you are still not satisfied?


Please make sure you assign the throttle axes to “THROTTLE n AXIS” and not to “THROTTLE n AXIS (0-100%)”. I’ve been using the TCA throttle during most of the development, so I’m 100% sure it works.

If you bought through the marketplace they are in the official/onestore/aerosoft-crj directory under documentation I think

Ok, thank you @gordongreig. I installed using the download platform that we used in the beta testing phase, so wasn’t aware it was different on the release version. Hopefully I wasn’t giving out incorrect info!

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No probs - I think if you buy from aerosoft direct it goes in the community folder maybe but in the official/onestore folder if you buy from the marketplace. Just guessing though

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after a bit of trying, the performance is very, very similar to the a32nx.

Hard to say with different configs, because there’s a balance between GPU and CPU that could be different, but I get framerates in the same ballpark.

Yes, Aerosoft version is put in community by the installer. You can move it out and use MSFSAddonslinker with is as usual, however. The marketplace version is most likely as you say in the official/onestore folder.

Getting the 5600x maybe this month I will consider getting the CRJ after I upgrade my rig. Too much micro stuttering with the 8400 and fbw and also the fps is quite low during takeoff and landings.
TBH the CPU is quite bad even dropping the refresh rate low I get no major change except with the 787.
Do you have an idea how many CPU threads this sim use? CPU only has 6.
When I got the i5 8400 rig a few years ago I knew nothing about CPUs :smiley: