CRJ engines shut down when entering sim menu? game over!

Hi guys, i just faced a frustrating, while in cruise with the CRJ i just hit ESC and entered the menu options, after resuming the flight the ICAS was black and the engines shut down. Game over.
Last time i fly this aircraft was almost two months ago. Is this a known problem? is it from the last update? and most important, is there a workaround?

Thanks simmers for your support!

Haven’t personally had this issue. Could maybe be a duplicate keybinding?

Regardless seems like something that should be posted (or support ticket opened) on the Aerosoft site, as they’d be most knowledgeable and able to help.

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I have a similar issue with FBW A32NX with flaps and spoilers. If I go to the ESC menu in-flight and then return to the flight, the flaps and the spoilers get extended to full.

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I moved your post to the Third Party section.

Didn’t they fixed that in the last update? I haven’t flown the FBW recently, would need to check again

Nope. Same thing after update.

This sounds very much like how MSFS behaved before the last but one update, that introduced the 50% axis issue.

To the OP, do you have a controller axis bound to fuel mixture and is that controller set to full lean?

What happens when you start a flight is that the in-cockpit controls are NOT synchronised to your physical controls, so having fuel mixture set to full lean would not prevent the aircraft from starting up and flying quite happily…until you either

  1. touch the physical axis, even slightly, or
  2. Go to the escape menu and then resume the flight

either of these will synchronise the specific or all physical and virtual controls respectively.

Even though the CRJ doesn’t have a mixture control, it will still cut out if you move a mapped physical lever to fully lean.

You may want to either remove that mapping for when you are flying the CRJ or make sure that your physical mixture lever is set to full rich before starting up.


50% axis after return from menu bug not fixed?

That would definitely shut engines down.

Haven’t had a chance to test game since update day but I indeed had issues keeping engines running when that bug was active. Needed to really jump on the throttles fast loading into a flight for certain aircraft or indeed the engines would die out.