CRJ FMS Question?

When I’m entering data into the FMS and make a mistake I thought I could hit the clear key and go backwards however hitting the clear key does nothing. How do I correct a mistake? Thanks

Is written in the FMS manual. :sunglasses: :shushing_face:

Where would I find the manual?

in the Aerosoft downloads - vol 6

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At which state of programming the FMS do you want to make the change?
If you make a typo you can use the CLR-Button.
Delete a wrong waypoint use the DEL-Button.

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Is your question for the default CJ4 or the Working Title CJ4.

If default, I don’t know.

If WT CJ4, there is a manual from WT.
Go to: Working Title CJ4 - Intro

I just use it to clear the entry in the scratchpad at the bottom of the FMC.
And, I just re-enter whatever I need t correct.

CRJ not CJ4.

Sorry, I must have CJ4 on my brain.

I got it fixed, changed a setting in the menu. Thanks guys

Ok, I thought I had it figured out but apparently not, I’m right back to the CLR key will not clear what’s in the scratchpad. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, never before ever had a problem with entering data into a FMS. HELP!!!

YouTube video tutorials are very good help for you - MSFS Aerosoft CRJ tutorial Ep3: Feeding the FMS

I believe I’ve watched that but still unsure about the CLEAR key. Thanks

The issue with the CLR key is that due to its proximity to the speed brake handle, it can be hard to find the click box. Pay attention to the mouse cursor when you are trying to click. If it is an arrow, you aren’t over the click box so you aren’t actually pressing the key. To start with, just deploy the speed brake handle to get it out of the way so that you can see how the CLR key works. Once you are comfortable using the key, you should see how to adjust your view so that you can get the clicks to be recognized so that you don’t actually need to move the speed brake handle to push CLR.

You sir are 100% correct! Thanks so much. Followed what you said and it’s working again. Can’t thank you enough.


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I used to have this problem and as above, you do need to move the spoiler handle out of the way. IF the HAND shows (as the cursor), then you cannot ‘clear’ the fields. But, I’ve found by hitting the delete key, then hover over the ‘clear’ key, the cursor becomes an arrow and you can then clear the fields OK. See how you go.

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