CRJ - How to manage “vectors”?

On occasion while entering a flight plan into the FMC, it shows “vectors” after a SID or before a STAR. I can’t seem to overwrite this with another waypoint. If I just use the heading mode to fly to the next waypoint, will the FMC automatically update show the following waypoint in the flight or do I have to use the “Direct To” command?

it is a default discon that you can override using the direct to. It will not automatically go to the next waypoint as in RL you are always vectored to the appropriate waypoint or even directly to the transition if the SID/STAR says so.
You may wanna look up the respective procedures (SID/STAR) to understand why the FMC says that.

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I just take the waypoint following the vector and copy it over the vector.


This works in the CRJ but for some approaches you’ll transition off the STAR at a wildly inappropriate location and altitude to fly direct to the final approach fix.

IMO, the better procedure is to self vector. Prior to hitting the final waypoint on the star make sure your heading is synced and switch to HDG mode instead of NAV then vector yourself and descend down to an appropriate altitude to capture the ILS.