Crj is a beauriful aircraft but

Finally I got to fly the crj in VR without CTD. I changed to full screen instead of window mode and it solved the issue. No more CTD. Now it is crash to descend…LOL…Easy to climb. Everything works smooth. Now landing without A/T a pain in the …I get overspeed then it crash due to overspeed. I cant control it. Cant wait for pmdg and its 737.

The CRJ is a lot of work to manage but if you crashed you’re almost certainly doing something wrong. I struggle with this plane a lot too but I’ve yet to crash. Heck, my best landing was in super bad weather when I left autopilot in down to minimums and basically, turned it off at 100’ and settled it right onto the centerline. I’m pretty green with this plane and simming still but in addition to watching people that are much better at it on youtube (the filbertflies vid with a real CRJ driver is gold) I would suggest the following:

Make sure you know your landing speed and your flap speeds as you go down so that you can get properly configured at the right time.

You’ll need to add some power back at each additional flap setting as drag increases.

Once you’re ready to turn final, arm APPR mode to a tuned ILS and be sure to capture at a point below the glideslope.

Let the plane fly down while you use the throttle to maintain the appropriate approach speed. You can set this bug from your EFB—seems it’s typically a little below 140 knots or so.

Once you’re stable, disarm autopilot and handfly it the rest of the way down. Start a little closer to the ground the first few times, and as you get better managing the speed, increase this distance.

You might need to adjust the elevator trim when coming off AP if you find you’re pushing the yoke/stick far forward to stay on the glide.

Don’t flare too much or you’ll porpoise and the plane is much twitchier than the A32NX, which is the only other airliner I have experience with.


Just purchased the CRJ will use your notes as a guide. Thanks for compiling


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sounds like typical piloting error , others do not have that issue.

If you are new to CRJ, you need to train more on other aircrafts. Use some GA like C172, DA62, B350, or any other so you can feel thottle.
I was flying CRJ on FSX and it was nightmare. I was used to A/T aircrafts so I had no need to set throttle at landing. I didn’t flied too much GA at FSX. Beside throttle, CRJ is more different on sensitivity of controls from any other.
But when you train your self, no problem with CRJ, my 1st landing with CRJ was slamming down the runway with Vref+20 kts, nose was almost 0 deg, if it was in real life, aircraft would take some damage.
Now, I land it smooth with correct Vref, sometimes I don’t notice moment when I touch the runway.

As others said, the CRJ is an aircraft that you need to understand. For starters all speed is manual. But there is a very extensive step-by-step manual and an even more extensive series of videos that will teach you how to handle the aircraft.

…and once you master it, you will love the CRJ - guaranteed!


I’ve mastered the CJ4 WT and love flying it. How does the CRJ stack up next to it? Regarding Systems support and reliability etc.

I’ve watched people fly the CRJ on You Tube and it appears to be problematic, particularly on approaches.

Any thoughts?

I’ve not flown the CRJ for a while (using the DC-6 mainly right now), but one problem I did find was that binding the flap lever to a controller axis (Bravo throttle in my case) meant that the cockpit control moved, but it didn’t actually move the flaps on the aircraft. As a result, I couldn’t get it to slow down nearly quickly enough to be able to land.

@Amilcar2894 might be worht checking that.

It may well have been patched/fixed though as I’ve not used the CRJ for a bit as I say.

In our support forums you will find all profiles for that.

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