CRJ No cold start possible?

Hi Guys.

Can someone tell me why the CRJ, even in a parkingfield/Gate, always starts by itself?
As I said, I’m not on a runway…

Usually I always have a cold start with the other planes. In the EFB I find an option to switch to cold & dark. But I would like to have that right after loading.
Looking forward to your advice.

I’m still working on it. Just had my first test flight. Almost nothing worked;). Autopilot was somehow not working. I still have to learn a lot as it looks.

All mentioned in the manual.
On the EFB (tablet) go to settings, and you can set the default state of the airplane in the bottom right.

I really suggest going through the tutorial flight (volume 3 of the documentation).


I have already read the manuals under Documentationnot all, but almost ;).

However, it does not save the settings I made in the EFB. At the next restart, the motors will run again …

Does it only work manually each time via the EFB?

I set the ‘default state’ to ‘cold and dark’ on the EFB, and the plane loads of cold and dark correctly every single time for me.


i il try now…


thank you very much :slight_smile:

have only now checked that you have to set the settings under , aircraft , with the default button (bottom right), then they are also saved.

Otherwise I really like the model very much. The money was worth it … but still has a lot to learn. It flies a lot differently than the previous “Arcade” aircrafts


Get ready for more fun. PMDG is coming. It will be a STARK departure from even the CRJ. Lots of fun on the way! Start forgetting default systems, you will do yourself a favor.

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Watch the 10-part tutorial flight by a real crj pilot and you‘ll learn so many things. I have to say im impressed how far Hans/Aerosoft has gone with the details on this one.

Part one is more the stuff you would do IRL but after this there is MUCH to learn!

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I’m getting along pretty well with the CRJ. I have to say that I’m also surprised at how well they perform (FPS). On average I come to 50-55. I would not have expected this…

I will still have to work/learn with the Aerosoft own FMS system.
But I just finished the first ILS landing with the CRJ550.

It just takes training like in real life;). Now I’m just waiting for my absolute favorite, the PC-12. I live only 5 minutes from the Pilatus factory. I almost grew up with Pilatus, and my brother has had his own for 15 years. I hope they come soon… to a PC-24, i also dont say no :wink:

I read somewhere that Carenado should bring the PC-12 out. But don’t find the source anymore …

Hey Jeremy nice to read you again :). Hope you are well…

What’s coming soon from PMDG?


Aaah, a fellow swiss citizen then, hello from St. Gallen :slight_smile:
AFAIK the CRJ performs so well compared to the A320 is cause the A320 uses JS/HTML for the systems/displays while the CRJ is WASM.
Hope we will see such good performance on any upcoming Aircraft Addons with deeper systems. I really was worried seeing the bad performance of the A320 in game.
Love the CRJ and getting along pretty fine after watching the tutorials.
Even have programmed and flown the first holding with it yesterday on VATSIM :slight_smile:
Just ask if i can help you. :slight_smile:

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Hey HXArdito nice to meet you :grinning:

I come from Stans;). A friendly hello to St.Gallen.

I’m actually more of the type. Learning by doing … so far I’ve always achieved my goal.

My first flight with the CRJ was actually good. I just have to get used to this Colin and the AS own FMS system. But it will be fine. Just flown from EGLL to LSZH with ILS landing at the end. What I haven’t figured out yet is how to keep up the speed!. The speed button doesn’t seem to work for me.

Actually, I come from the Hellikopter area, and so far the MSFS 2020 only has the H135 via Mod, which doesn’t have to hide at all. According to their own statements, they want to deliver Carenado quality for 0 cents, and they are well on the way to achieving this. Lots of updates, hardworking people, which I also support by the way;)

We hear us soon here :wink:

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All is well here, friend. Hopefully same with you! I am working on trying to wrap my head around two Russian Tupolev jets in P3D right now. PMDG is getting all their stuff in, but first thing will be the new version of the 737NG. This will be the third major re-work of their 737.

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The CRJ has no Autothrottle, you need to always have one hand at the Throttle, as in real life :slight_smile:
The Speed-Button is only meant for holding a certain speed limit while climbing and only works as long as there is enough thrust.

Im also the learning by doing type of guy, but you will miss out on many things if you dont watch how a real pilot handles the aircraft :wink:

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Im watch that series, actually now part 3. THX for the Link :wink: Fortunately, I learn very quickly …so i think after couple of Flights it comes better and better.

THX for the Tip. Is like a IAS/FLC Funktion…

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Nice to hear that you are fine. :hugs:

Sounds interesting, the Russians have some really good planes like the Antonov (star engine) e.c.t

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Could it be that without Navigrapgh / simbrief & Co you don’t really get far in the Collins with flight planning. I really have trouble planning a flight here in Switzerland, I have neither Navigraph nor Simbrief or anything like that.

In addition, the Collins says that the data is not synchronized under Active Database/Sec Databse. You can see that in The Dude’s video too. Where he points out to be careful. How do I get the current data without a subscription?

I noticed that the version in the tutorials seems to be a different one, e.g. older because The Dude is talking about a pre version in connection with the fuel gauge behind the co-pilot.

I really love the aircraft, mechanically I get along well with the CRJ, and I quickly understood you. Only the Collins drives me to despair;)

The problem is that when I want to program a waypoint using ACT FPLN, he often tells me “NOT IN DATABASE”. How can I update my data? So far I have only seen ways that are not free (Navigraph). Or did I miss something?

Actually i try over Simbrief to planing a Flight from EGLC to LSZH.
The first couple Routingpoints was no Problem. But after UM624 he says me evereytime ,NOT IN DATABASE,!?

As example here i try to give in the Waypoint DIK…


You are clicking the top right softkey i take it?

The route effectively suggests “take the UM624 airway as far as DIK”, so those two should be on the same row in the plan.

That would be followed by 2 more rows, to represent “take the UN852 airway as far as TIRSO” and “take the UM606 airway as far as BLM” respectively. The BLM2G arrival (STAR) and an approach for runway 34, which you might have already entered, should complete the route.

THX a lot for that Tip. The lost Problem is away :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :).

Just made my first real instrument flight with the CRJ, thanks to your tip now also with FMS.

I love the CRJ :heart:

Yeah, if you are entering the exit waypoint, it goes to the right of the airway. If it’s a DIRECT waypoint, it still goes on the right and the FMC will auto-fill DIRECT on the left (where the airways go). When reading flight plans, whenever you see DCT, that means direct. Also, make sure you are entering SID and STAR on the DEP ARR page and not anywhere else.

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