CRJ performance and AP issues

I have to say, its nice to finally have a full study level aircraft. However i am a bit dissapointed that i can barley get 25 fps and on landing its down to the teens… I could fly the flybywire a320 on 30-35 fps on landing with ease. Maybe its something to do with the performance issues in the latest msfs build.

The ap behaves odd too, sometimes it turns 180 degrees, sometimes it cant intercept the next waypoint etc. Im sure it will be looked at but i was woundering if anyone else is having the heavy performance hit.


I’m getting the same fps issues. Before turning any electrical power on to the aircraft I have 35-40 fps where after turning on the apu/gpu I am now down to 20-25 fps. A 10-15 fps drop. That’s insane, even for a third party aircraft.

Pretty typical and generally what I expected. Just wait until the PMDG aircraft get here. You aint seen nothing yet


I guess so, but im getting a SEVERE main thread limited. Nothing like i have had before and it just cripples my pc. I have an i7-4790 3.7 Ghz CPU…

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Yeah that’s pretty low end for this sim. That’s what I would expect.

And what is a decent CPU for this sim? Like i mentioned, i can use the flybwire A320 with a stable 30-35 fps close to airports

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Yeah… hopefully it will get improved

Don’t hold your breath

Either stay on topic or dont comment.

Oh, I run the A320NX at about 30fps so I probably will put my purchase of the CRJ on hold.
I thought performance was about the same but if it is 10fps below the A320NX I don’t think my system is good enough to handle it…
Maybe I can lower some graphics and still get it…

Yes thats what i thought. I figured aerosoft maybe had their CRJ more optimized and they said somewhere a few months ago that it doesnt perform any worse than the A320. We will ahve to wait and see. One thing i did notice is that the displays on the instruments are very very smooth. I have the refresh rate set to low, but there is no way the CRJ is running the displays at low ref. rate, so maybe this is something that can be changed.

MSFS is probably not in its best state to measure peformance after the last update. So let’s wait and see…

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I find the performance very good, more or less like FBW. Most likely these pefromacne issues are coming from MSFS itself, SU3 screwed the performance big times

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Yeah, the sim has definitely taken a performance hit in this patch. Every patch someone says “performance dropped AGAIN”. And for the first time, I’ve actually seen it. A clock is right twice a day I guess. :slight_smile:

Prior to this patch I normally got around 45 FPS. My machines performance is still plenty good enough now for other aircraft at around 35 FPS but the CRJ FPS drop gets me to around 24 FPS. The CRJ devs said it we would lose about 12 FPS so they were pretty accurate. Kudos to them for telling us a what to expect accurately (for those that looked…).

Hopefully Asobo will get the performance drop fixed then my slightly above mid-range machine should be back in the 30s again even with the CRJ. MSFS is way better at ~30 FPS than FSX or X-Plane ever was.

The -12 is compared to the default A320 or the FBW?
If it is compared to the default one then I might be ok.
In other words I can fly the FBW A320NX fine in my system but I can’t go 12fps lower.

Mine is about 10-15fps lower from the FBW, but it may depend on your system

Then I’m toast, I get the FBW at 25-30 fps and it is good enough for me but 10-20 is not going to cut it… Sigh…

I can’t believe some of you are mad that you only get 30 fps. lol

I get around 25-30 on 4k HDR at Ultra and it’s great. No stutters, thankfully.


I’m upset that I went from 30-35fps in the FBW to 20-25fps in the CRJ. It just doesn’t feel at all smooth.

It will improve. FBW has had several iterations to get performance nailed down. Patience, grasshopper.

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